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Ascension House

Embassy for the New Earth CommUNITY

Currently the Earth and all its inhabitants are making an unprecedented Ascension-leap. As a result of the profound work of many worldwide, our vibration is increasing thus that OUR NEW EARTH is arising and gradually taking shape. An Earth in which we EXPERIENCE that we ARE ONE energy of Light and Love. 

Our Ascension House is completely in service to everyone who has the deepest desire to come Home in them-self and to BE ONE again.

We just – 12-12-2017, around 12.12h CET – hung up our Ascension House banner. When we looked at the result, this awareness opened up to me – SARA: Our Ascension House is a New Earth embassy amidst 3D Earth. When you step into – the vicinity of – our Ascension House you enter into Our 5D New Earth.

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Calyxes World Ascension Work


This is the website of AN-RA and SARA from CALYXES. We just came back to The Netherlands after having experienced our one year Calyxes World Ascension Journey in South America. As a result of the profound Ascensionwork we did there, we arrived in Infinite Emptiness. From HERE we are available for everyONE who also wants to fulfill his/her deepest desire and Ascend as a WHOLE. Who also wants to contribute in the creation of our New Earth and our New Earth CommUNITY.

Profound Website Update

NOW, the way, shape and form that are most in service to our Ascensionwork for you and the greatest good, is in the process of presenting itself in its own pace. The same applies to the new words that have to be written, the new text that have to be created. Gradually it all will come to light on this website and you can read the information you want and receive all of it’s energy. We already started to post some of it on Facebook and on our BLOG.

Contact Us

If you resonate with what we can do for you and the realization of your Ascension and you actually want to be part of the process of creating Our NEW EARTH and our New Earth CommUNITY, please feel free to contact us anytime.

stairway to heaven

Ascension BLOG

Here we keep you informed about our Calyxes World Ascension Work!

Personal Ascensionwork

Calyxes provides you with profound and comprehensive Ascensionwork you need to Ascend. We are here for you when you are ready to let go of everything that is illusion and you actually want to fulfill your deepest desire to LIVE! We are deeply prepared to guide you to and in Our New World. To lead you through all the unprecedented changes which increasingly take place in the physical world as well. Make an appointment for an Individual – Distance – Ascensionwork session and experience the rise in your vibration, your own Ascension. Contact Us!

Ascension Destinations

To realize our part in The Ascension, since a long time we have been doing our Healing and Ascensionwork for us personally, for our family systems, for men and women – the feminine and the masculine. We have been giving Group- and Individual (distance) Sessions, Teachings, (Spiritual) Ascension Disclosure on our website, YouTube and via social media. We also travelled around the world to work on those buildings, places and vortexes on Earth we were send to. To give you an impression of this part of our Healing & Ascensionwork, here below follows a brief summary of the work we did.


Actually experiencing our Self in The – 5D – New Earth

We are pioneers and wayshowers in the Ascension and we are deeply ready, able and willing to continue our work around the world and to keep guiding those who want to fulfill their deepest longing to actually LIVE through their Ascension to and in Our New Earth. In the period of 1 October 2016 till 30 September 2017 for one year we have been doing our Ascensionwork in South America. With our Ascensionwork we do our part, we enable you to do yours and together we co-create All. The fulfillment of all of our deepest desire to really LIVE in our co-created New Earth and experience that WE ARE LOVE AND LIGHT.

Experiencing Our Selves @ Machu Picchu!
Little Green Man @ Rosslyn Chapel
Downhill @ Gateway Park in Boise, Idaho
The Old Ways Leaving
Sacred Mountain Ausangate, Peru

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Connecting the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades @ Ausangate, Peru, Your Content Goes Here