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Healing & Ascensionwork Sessions

Healings & Ascensionwork sessions are very comprehensive and profound individual and personal sessions. They give guidance, healing and strengthening in the Ascension period we are in right now. Healing and Ascensionwork sessions usually take place in person but are also available at a distance via Facetime or Skype. We especially recommend them to you if you feel ready to make a significant leap in truly Living your Light here on Earth.

We call a session a Private-Systemic Healing Rituals

Private-Systemic Healing Ritual (P-SHR) is done by both Gerrit and Sara.


Private Systemic Healing Rituals

Profound guidance

In a Private-Systemic Healing Ritual together with you we will work to fulfill your Souls desire. The desire to powerfully and in complete freedom express The Light that you truly are on Earth and – in doing so – be Divine Creator.

Whilst a P-SHR you move through the theme and/or question you have brought in by email in the period before the actual session. During this process you receive healing, strengthening and consciousness-by-experience.

Jumpstart to Living your Light powerfully

Since we – man and woman – work merged in One and also The Spirits work through the Whole of us, the Divine process you are going through is of an infinite depth and is truly a ‘jumpstart’ to your next phase of Being.

Having received a significant ‘jump-start’, you can – further – experience your Self into your everyday life. The P-SHR has given you the opportunity to turn your consciousness into action. To make the movement you know you have to make in order to Live your Light powerfully.


A P-SHR already starts in the period prior to the session. In this timeframe we ‘Journey’ with the theme and/or question you have sent us and we receive ‘the groundplan’ – the road through which during the actual P-SHR session Healing and Being is achieved.

This preparation towards the actual session asks a lot of our time and attention. If The Spirits give us instructions for you to fulfill prior to or for in the actual P-SHR we will let you know by email.


When the time of your appointment with us has arrived we perform the sessions in person on location or you contact us at home via Facetime or Skype. At the beginning of a P-SHR we give you some instructions and tell you roughly what you can expect. If you yourself have to do some thing(s) we guide you through it. Then you lay down comfortably and receive the Healing and Ascension work we jointly do with The Spirits of Love and Light.

During the Private-Systemic Healing Ritual we let ourselves be guided completely. Besides that we use stones, shaman-drums and rattles, we let the languages, sounds, movements and actions that are floating through us express freely. In doing so extraordinarily profound and comprehensive work is done with you. When we feel that ‘it is done’, we let you know. We round up your P-SHR by sharing with you the Healing and Ascensionwork that has been done.

Testimonials Distance Healings & Ascensionwork Sessions

Rhinebeck NY, USA ~ 31 May 2015

A week ago I experienced a SHR (Systemic Healing Ritual) first hand conducted by Gerrit and Sara, the founders of Calyxes.
It was a distance healing as I live in New York and they are in the Netherlands. It was a pleasant and well prepared experience throughout. I could hear, feel and see everything they did during the session while I relaxed and surrendered to it all.

I am aware of my life purpose but at times felt hampered by an unseen force that seemingly held me back. Sara and Gerrit went to work with me and quickly arrived at the core of my “ theme” . They shed light on stale energies that had kept me in a holding pattern causing discomfort throughout most of my life.

Firm- yet ever so gently they lifted deeply rooted karmic patterns within me that returned me to my full power. It was palpable. All along I was held by a chalice feeling loved and supported.

A profound shift took place which took a few days to settle. The full effects are ongoing. I am feeling energized, strong and most of all filled with light for all to see.

Annemarie Minke, Flower Vibration Integration Healer
Sun Celebration Flower Essences

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Private-Distance- Shamanic Healing Ritual
28/6/2015, Hasselt

When I finished reading the book ‘De weg door de Kelken’ in the spring, I knew that whenever I felt ready I would book a session with Sara.
As I was being prepared by the spirits a week prior to the session I was very excited at the prospect of finally being healed to the core by both Sara & Gerrit.
The session itself was very easy going as S&G explained clearly what they were about to do, showing me exactly in what position I should lie down as I was able to follow them on the screen. While they were doing their work, I just relaxed, trusting the process.
After a couple of days of integrating the new energies, the result of the healing session is amazing! I feel energized and free. And for the first time in my live I’m happy with myself. The heavy energies, which I had known throughout my life were lifted to allow myself to step into the light. The ever present pressure of having to control the situation to be able to ‘perform’ is gone as I go about my days in a different yet more effective and loving manner.
Sara & Gerrit work so well together as a team and are unconditionally loving in their profound work.

Marie Christine
Hospice nurse, Belgium

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Marie Christine

Practical Information P-SHR

Theme and/or question you want to work on

After making an appointment and payment of fee you can send us by mailing address gerrit@calyxes.org or sara@calyxes.org the theme and/or question you want to receive Healing- and Ascensionwork for.

Please be as focused as possible and write no more than 200-220 words!


A P-SHR is €  333,00 including VAT. This amount includes our preparations before a P-SHR – like Journeying with your theme and/or question and getting the groundplan clear – , collecting the things needed for your session, preparing our Practice in the right setting and the actual P-SHR session which takes place in around two hours.

The € 333,00 is to be paid prior to your appointment.

You can transfer your payment by bank. Our Triodosbank accountnumber Calyxes Deventer, The Netherlands is: NL63 TRIO 0197 6582 29; BIC number Triodosbank is: TRIONL2U

State your name; mailing address; date and time of coming P-SHR session.

After we have received your payment your appointment is secured and we start working with you and your theme and/or question.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify us 7 days in advance of your appointment if you want to cancel or be prepared to pay in full. Already received fees will not be refunded. Only in case of force majeure and an emergency a P-SHR can be shifted forward to another date and time.

Terms and Conditions Calyxes, Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork

Our Terms and Conditions as posted on our website in Dutch apply to everything we worldwide do. It also includes our disclaimer of responsibility:

We take our Divine Work very seriously. Therefore since many years we have done everything in our power to always do our best possible work for our participants and clients. It is your own responsibility to provide us with all relevant information, such as those in respect of you physical and/or mental health. Let us know in time if you have/have had physical and/or mental health issues – such as a mentally unstable phase, psychosis, severe depression, schizophrenia and if you are pregnant. This notification requirement also applies if you use medications for mental problems and/or diseases and if you use hallucinogenic substances such as Ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote and/or drugs. If in doubt contact us.

Physical or Mental Complaints

When you do experience mental and physical complaints and/or illness we advise you to contact a regular doctor (like a MD/Psychiatrist).

Be well aware that you participate in a P-SHR from your own free will and that you yourself are responsible for everything you experience around, in and due to a P-SHR.

By making an appointment with us you confirm that you agree with our Terms and Conditions as a whole – including our disclaimer of responsibility and that you therefore at all times will refrain from any (legal) actions against Calyxes, Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork its partners, their assistants or representatives.