Announcement: Our Healing- and Ascensionwork sessions around the world!

We are very happy to announce that we have started giving healing- and Ascensionwork sessions internationally. Since our foundation of Shamanic Practice Calyxes in The Netherlands we’ve always known that this was about to be happening. For some years now The Spirits have already sent us to various countries worldwide to do their (archetypal) healing- and Ascensionwork. Now the work they want us to do is expanding.

For now we give individual distance healings using Facetime or Skype. The next phase will be that we actually travel around the world to do this work for individuals as well as for groups and to also give our ‘Our Road Home’-Teachings.

We keep looking forward to all the experiences this Road of ours will bring us.

Look at the testimonial below we have received from Annemarie, Rhinebeck New York, USA



Rhinebeck NY, USA ~ 31 May 2015

A week ago I experienced a SHR (Systemic Healing Ritual) first hand conducted by Gerrit and Sara, the founders of Shamanic Practice Calyxes.  

It was a distance healing as I live in New York and they are in the Netherlands. It was a pleasant and well prepared experience throughout. I could hear, feel and see everything they did during the session while I relaxed and surrendered to it all. 

I am aware of my life purpose but at times felt hampered by an unseen force that seemingly held me back. Sara and Gerrit went to work with me and quickly arrived at the core of my “ theme”. They shed light on stale energies that had kept me in a holding pattern causing discomfort throughout most of my life. 

Firm- yet ever so gently they lifted deeply rooted karmic patterns within me that returned me to my full power. It was palpable. All along I was held by a chalice feeling loved and supported.  

A profound shift took place which took a few days to settle. The full effects  are ongoing. I am feeling energized, strong and most of all filled with light for all to see. 

Annemarie Minke, Flower Vibration Integration Healer 

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