This is our first blog to you – our Calyxes World Ascension Journey community. In it we inform you about the highlights of the Ascension Progress we’ve done so far here in South America. We let you know how this Work – we are invited to do for each of us – presents itself to us and where we are heading to. And, we start by explaining why we haven’t communicated to you about our experiences before, although we are very much aware that our information can be of help and mirror you in your Ascension progress.

Why we have been silent

On October the 3rd we’ve landed in Chile. Since then we live in our car with rooftoptent in the magnificent nature of South America. Much to our own confusion we haven’t posted any written- or video-updates on our Journey so far. The reason for this is that the work we do here has taken up all of our energy, time and focus. Next to this, we only go to cities to refill our supplies and arrange practical things that need our immediate attention. We stay there as little time as possible. As a result we pure practically have no means to communicate. In nature there is – off course – hardly any access to electricity for recharging our equipment and to the internet.

Yesterday night we stumbled onto a small – somewhat weird – campground in the city Coyhaique and they offer such a good connection here that it seems to be internet heaven. Because of this we decided to interrupt our Journey to the far South of Chile/Argentina for one day and really take the time to finally post something, share pictures and work on our newsletter for the Calyxes World Ascension Community.

Highlights of our Ascension progress

Basically, the work we do here, is that we let go of everything that is THE illusion (3d). While we go through this process, we arrive in that what we truly are, which is Infinite Emptiness. From within this uncontrollable and intangible Divine Self each of us is, we actually LIVE and co-create our NEW EARTH (5d).

The situation we placed ourselves in for this year, offers the exact perfect circumstances to go through all of this, to embody it. Our Ascensionwork takes place through our relationship, our bodies and all our experiences here.

Our Ascension progress so far

  • Dying process of THE male ego
  • Dying process of THE female ego
  • Actually letting go of THE illusion (the jump into 5d – coming back Home)
  • Dying process of THE mind and it’s control, which kept us imprissoned in illusion.
  • Feeling safe in being completely uncontrollable and intangible (which means feeling safe in that what we truly are – in our Divine Self)
  • Dying process in fears and feeling not safe
  • Dying process of THE ultimate lie that we are not perfect (that we make the wrong decisions) and arrive in I AM PERFECTION and whatever I do, it is always good. The lie has caused us to stop to actually LIVE and exploring like a child. It has squeezed LIFE out of us.

The overall choice we continually have to make, every time when we are faced with all of our challenging Ascensionwork and the experiences we are placed for in able to embody it, again and again is: do we continue and finish! our Journey, despite our deepest fears, pain, hurt, sadness, etc. , and do we go on with force and decisiveness or do we quit. Saying AND DOING yes! is LIVING what we truly are in our day to day lives. It is the ultimate goal for each of us. This is embodiment of the Divine Self each of us is.

How does the Ascensionwork we are invited to do, present itself to us

To make it understandable how it works through us, we give you an example:

The dying process of THE male ego

In this particular process Gerrit has to feel over and over and over again… everything the male ego feels in all kind of situations. The male ego has to die in order to become what he truly is – he actually wants to die and finally be his Divine Self again – but he is also very much afraid to let this happen. He wants to come Home in Goddess, but is also so afraid to be hurt, controlled and rejected again.

Every time Gerrit goes through this dying process this happens.

First he gets really angry! and ‘aggressive in energy’ towards the feminine in the person of Sara. He blames her for the pain and confusion he is feeling. He most certainly doesn’t want to feel what he is experiencing, turns away from her and feels more lonely than ever. To let THE male ego to be able to die, Gerrit has to make the conscious choice to come Home to Goddess and to go through all he is experiencing though. He has to move towards her instead of turning away from her. Gerrit has made this choice and has done this every time so far.

While Gerrit is doing his part, Sara hás to stand tall. While she feels the strong energies of het male ego pulling and pushing her, she is confronted with her own fears. She can’t let her self slip into her female ego. She hás TO BE her Goddess Self. Love the male ego but don’t let herself be bullied by him. Although this is quite challenging, it also molds her into the infinite powerful Divine she is. And, for the male ego it provides a safe haven to let himself die into.

Each time after going through this process together, THE male ego got closer to HOME. When he finally arrives there, we will know. He is just Emptiness then. Afterwards for us it feels ‘like nothing happened’. It just had to be felt through us and when it did we can go on being ONE – being Love and Light.

Work for the greatest good of all

We go through all the processes that are offered to us for the greatest good of all – for each of us. When wé live through it, we pave the way for everyone who wants to follow. It is as “easy” as that.

Emptiness: a change of name

For a long time I – Gerrit – know that I have had lives with several names in several times on several places. One of my names is An-Ra, son of the Sun. So far I wasn’t invited in changing my name to An-Ra. But now I feel that that time has come. The more empty I feel the more I am connected to the name An-Ra. In letting go of Gerrit I let go all of the old me. In An-Ra I feel infinite. I feel that my change of name isn’t a choice. It is a process that is lingering a long time. And now during this Ascension Journey naming myself An-Ra strongly shows up. I am An-Ra!

Where we are heading to

We are heading to Isla Tierra del Fuego, the most Southern part of this South American continent. There we have to do work with the sun. Up until now, the months we’ve been in Chile were really hard and challenging for the two of us. We feel that it is getting lighter though and we expect that once we are heading up to the north again this will continue to be so.

This is what we have to share to our Calyxes World Ascension Journey community right now. It – again – is our intention to keep all of you posted of our Ascension progress here in South America. As soon as the opportunity presents itself again we will get in contact again.


An-Ra and Sara