Currently the Earth and all its inhabitants are making an unprecedented Ascension-leap. As a result of the long-standing in-depth work of many worldwide, our vibration is increasing such that OUR NEW EARTH is emerging and gradually taking shape. An Earth in which we EXPERIENCE that we ARE ONE energy of Light and Love. UNITY.

How do we realize this with each other

In the current Earth period, all separateness, pain and fear are brought to the surface and become visible. You Ascend if you IN YOURSELF live through whatever is touched in you, gradually let express The Light we are freely and are in service to the greatest whole full-time. When a sufficient number of people have completely embodied this personal Ascension-Road – when there is enough mass – ‘The Event’ takes place and we Ascend as a whole.


Together we are Ascending and creating Our New Earth. Most of this Ascension-work, each of us has to do ALONE and in oneself. NOW we may start using the physical presence and experiences of others. Múst we even actually come together and form a New Earth CommUNITY. By letting arise a worldwide network with each other, we make sure that everyONE Ascends easier and that our New Earth takes shape faster and faster. With the opening of this Calyxes Ascension House we offer the opportunity for this to happen. With it we also ensure that when ‘The Event’ takes place there is a place you can go to where you receive information and guidance about what is happening. We offer this support because it is expected that this shift to The Light for many will be a particularly confusing and perhaps somewhat frightening time.




In passed on, whether or not actually happened stories, is told that spread throughout Earth and time, relatively A FEW went their own individual Ascension Road all the way. The persons written about in these stories kept on moving through this ‘Road of dying’ up until they arrived HOME in themselves and experienced that they are Infinite ONE. After they went their Road inside and experienced everything they had to experience, they eventually left the 3D illusion Earth. They abandoned their Body and – in a higher vibration – returned in the Infinite NOTHING we as a whole are.

By consciously choosing from their own free will to have this comprehensive experience, they automatically lived by example to others how they too can discover The Truth about themselves and can actually start LIVING This. They showed how every one can Ascend. With the example of their life, they literally showed us that you can only experience the Ascension Road IF YOU ACTUALLY GO IT YOURSELF. So when you too enter your Body again and again, come to expression freely and thus embody the LoveLight.

Partly due to (un)conscious manipulation and misinterpretation, what the main character in these stories communicated to us has never been understood. Instead of also going inside ourselves, we turned our attention outward. There we have placed those who do have Ascended in the story, on a pedestal and started to worship them as ‘Gods who háve to bring us LIFE. This created external focus has made us become out of contact and has led us indescribably far away from actually realizing our Ascension and LIVING the LOVELIGHT we as a whole are ourselves.

Arco Iris boven de Padreyoc Mountain, San Pedro de Cachora, Peru


In the current Earth period it is totally different than in the aforementioned stories of passed times. Now, MANY spread over the Earth, are going their personal Ascension Road. Many come Home in themselves and experience in their Body that we are infinite ONE. Moreover, because we do it – in conscious connection – with each other, not here and there an individual Ascends but we AS A WHOLE do. A New Earth CommUNITY arises!

Where our Ascension Road basically develops the same as of the persons these stories are told about, we currently are going a giant leap further. After experiencing our entire Ascension process, we do not eventually let go of our Body to leave the 3D illusion Earth again. Wé have collectively taken upon ourselves the unprecedented, particularly challenging Divine Task, to SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH THE EARTH Ascend ÍN OUR BODY. To ASCEND The Earth and our Body WITH US.

Arco Iris Pumalin Parc in Chili


Somewhere during our Ascension ROAD inwards, we start to – gradually and increasingly – come to expression and create freely from within in service to the highest good. Because we time and time again have the courage to make room for this, we add oxygen to our inner FIRE and our FIREPOWER increases considerably. At the same time we exponentially experience our infinite ONENESS in our Body and from within, our LoveLight shines increasingly powerful through our Body to the outside. As we consciously continue to let express our Self freely and Are Divine Creator, also our physical Body – simultaneously with the rise in vibration of our Consciousness – naturally Ascends to its highest possible manageable vibration until she reaches the 5D vibration. Our LoveLight – Consciousness – lets our Body shine so brightly, that they merge into ONE and BEING-Embodied-Consciousness. The Earth is currently going through the same Ascension process as we are. Because many of us go through this process with ourselves, we are helping her and together we create Our New Earth – our 5D vibration Earth.

Arco Iris at Puerto Natales, Chile


We – An-Ra and SARA – belong to the pioneers and wayshowers in our Ascension. After years of experience, we conclude that those who go their Ascension Road entirely, always are or get into contact with their deepest DESIRE and CURIOSITY. The whole of these two, initiates and continues, absolutely wanting to discover and experience what someone essentially is – to come Home and BE ONE. Your deepest heart desire wants to be completely in service to the HIGHEST GOOD. Those who have no contact with desire and curiosity do not move and therefore do not Ascend.

Furthermore, those who do go their Ascension Road are particularly stubborn, tenacious, they have an unstoppable perseverance and unprecedented courage. At any given moment they say FULL YES! to the experiences that arise and to which they are invited to. Without control they leap in everything. To fulfill their Ascension and their Divine Ascension-Task at the service of the largest whole they are willing to let go EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that is illusion and of which we have made ourselves dependent on on the 3D Earth. They know that this dying process of detachment, is necessary to pass through the Eye of the Needle and to reach LIVING in a higher vibration. NOT ONE THING CAN BE TAKEN ALONG WITH THEM!

Arco Iris clouds National Parc Nahuelbuta


In the next paragraph, we tell straightforward what you will encounter during your Ascension Road. After reading our information, you may think: “Why in God’s name would I want to Ascend?” This question answers itself: because God – YOU – wants it. Because the Goddess you are, wants to live freely through you and BE ONE again. Because God(ess) experienced everything that can be experienced in the low vibration of the 3D Earth. God(ess) is ready for a totally different experience in a much higher vibration. She is ready to let go of ‘surviving in fear and pain’ for ‘LIVING the LOVELIGHT she is’. Because we – you and everyone currently residing on Earth – have agreed upon that we NOW in this lifetime, together actually realize the Ascension of the whole that we are and the creation of Our New Earth.

With the collective, we are in the completion-phase of the old – THE GRAND COMPLETION – and simultaneously are opening a new ‘Grand Circle of LIFE’. An increasing number of people are awakening, remember the above and take up their unique Divine Task in this process.


Finally, we – An-Ra and SARA – are NOW part of The New Earth. We currently – together with many worldwide – are in the process of shaping it further. While we ARE in this space, we only can say: it does not matter what we had to deal with and what we had to feel to arrive here. It does not matter what we still have to do. IT DOES NOT MATTER! because it was and is all more then worth it. Experiencing ourSELF is so abundant and joyful. We overflow with the Love that we are. A reality in which we at the same time – with fully open heart – continue to say FULL YES! to whatever we meet in ourselves and that is EVERYTHING and EVERYONE because there is no other. There is no protection or shielding and therefore no being alone or loneliness. We are in contact with the fullness and omnipresence of our own unique facet of the LoveLight that we ARE. Being completely THE EMPTINESS offers zero hold. Especially in the beginning it is challenging and wobbly. Then you still miss experiencing the certainty that we do not need to know anything because WE ARE.

Never want and can we go back to – the timeline of – unconsciously being imprissoned in the hell of the illusion Earth. We have liberated ourselves and are FREE. Being so it is not really possible to describe and understand with your mind, what it feels like to be Here and Now – in this new timeline.

To experience our gigantic firePOWER and Embodied Infinity and our pure potential. This is LIFE on its most intense. And every NOW moment, we are super curious about what else we may experience and create. Limitless.

Arco Iris boven de Padreyoc Mountain, San Pedro de Cachora, Peru


In every facet, Ascending ín your Body is an ultimate challenge. You encounter everything you rather not want to be confronted with.

To get back in touch with your True Self and to be able to Ascend, you literally have to descend into the – by yourself created – hell of the illusion. Hereby you keep on experiencing your deepest fear, pain, sadness, anger, etc., until they have been transcended to the LoveLight that you essentially are. During your Ascension Road, you háve to heal everything in which your male and female ego are wounded. Otherwise they can’t melt together again into ONE. You do this within you and use the interaction with others. Whilst going through your Ascension Road, this so-called outside world (un)expectedly challenges you at its deepest.

Then you yourself let that which you have always kept protectively hidden, gradually become completely visible. When you have the courage, to actually let shine that which is destined to manifest through your prism of Light, you become fully touchable, naked, open and unprotected. Still a lot of shit from the so-called outside world can be poured over you. Eventhough this is always in service to the progression in your Ascension and it increases your firepower enormously, from a human point of view it keeps being no fun to have to move through your process. Ascending also lets you experience deeply, being alone and loneliness, confusion, having no hold and control. Every NOW moment determines each of your next steps. You experience timelessness and non-linearity.


Finally, when you ultimately ARE Embodied Infinite Consciousness and your vibration has become – almost completely – 5D, it is quite a challenge to find your Road amidst the 3D illusion Earth vibration. Among other things, being in interaction with those who still have the 3D vibration can be pretty difficult. Certainly with those who still linger in a high unembodied consciousness in a materialized world. From within their world of experience, they think that they still have contact with ‘your former personality and his or her once to be healed pain’. They don’t understand that they now have contact with Infinite Indifferent Embodied LoveLight and non-Judgment.

At the same time they can not – really – understand your 5D language (see article: Embodied LoveLight Language). Your vibration does not match theirs anymore. Contact with those who still have a 3D vibration, feels flat and unfilled. You can be with them for a short period of time. If you really want to be in connection with each other, they will have to come “to you”. They will have to go in their Ascension Road or continue with it. Those who still unconsciously keep hanging in a high yet unembodied consciousness even have the tendency to fight you and what you express. All of this, as well as embodying the continuous, exponentially in vibration rising Light and your entire literal physical transformation are extremely exhausting. You also experience headaches, third eye activation pain, sore mouth and teeth, sucking tongue, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, muscle and joint pain, uncomfortable feeling digestive issues, stomach cramps (plexus), cold, heat, perspiration, weakness, insomnia and the need for much sleep.

Just let’s conclude to, that Ascending ín your Body and at the same time being in service to the greatest whole is a pretty overwhelming experience.


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Our Road Home

This by SARA written Dutch Ascension Book is an empowering, healing guideline during your own Ascension Road. It offers embodied profound information about everything you encounter in the course of your Ascension process and where you have to move through in order to be able to actually Ascend yourself. ’De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ shows how you through your Body can arrive Home. How we as a whole become ONE again.

Under the name CALYXES we – AN-RA and SARA – do our Ascension and New Earth work. Calyxes is not officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Under the flag of CALYXES we are currently doing the following activities:
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