Ascensionhouse Donation

‘Our Ascensionhouse runs on your donation. Because we receive donations from others, we can do our work for you. With your Ascensionhouse Donation, you make it possible for another person to experience what this Ascensionhouse offers’. Hereby we like to illustrate how this donation principle works.

Our New Earth

On Our New Earth everyONE expresses their Self freely and creates freely without being concerned with ‘earning money’ and ‘fear of lack’. From within BEING, we do what we feel we have to do or don not have to do in every NOW MOMENT. Since there is always enough for everyONE, everyONE can in complete freedom BE in service to the highest good and give their UNIQUE contribution to the community. As a result, both the whole – our CommUNITY – and her participants always achieve and experience the highest possible embodied vibration. With a Ascensionhouse Donation everyONE contribute in service to the highest good.

Our life

We – An-Ra and SARA – already LIVE like this. Without limiting our Self or letting our Self be limited in any way, we dedicate all our attention, time, energy, embodied consciousness and money serving the greatest whole. We ARE fully at your service, by doing exactly why we are on Earth for right NOW.

Transition period

As we reside in the midst of the illusion of the well known old Earth, we are Ascending and creating Our New Earth. When “The Event” happens, we as a whole make the definitive entire Ascension-jump from the old Earth to Our New Earth. Until this happens, though, we stay in – the final phase of – the transitional period and we continue having to deal with the laws of our illusion Earth. This pure practically means that everyone still needs income to be able to pay for expenses.  That we still need money to keep our Ascensionhouse running and to be able to continue our worldwide Ascensionwork in service to the greatest good. Because of this, we have decided that for now a known Ascensionhouse Donation principle will apply to visitors of our Ascensionhouse.

Donation principle

In this specific Ascensionhouse Donation principle, voluntary donations from previous visitors of our Ascensionhouse, enable those who follow to receive freely what our Ascensionhouse offers them. And the voluntary donations of these later visitors, then make it possible for those who come after them to receive the same.

When you during your presence with us experience that our energy, embodied consciousness, attention and time are serving you, the actual continuation of your Ascension-Road and co-creating Our New Earth and you feel that you also want to give others the opportunity to receive this, then you can make a voluntary donation in line with your financial resources towards the end of our gathering.

Perhaps the amount of your own hourly wage or the rate you yourself charge to others, can for you be a starting point to determine the amount you want to donate. When you choose to donate, you not only contribute to that every visitor with the help of this Ascensionhouse actually fulfills his deepest desire, but also that a New Earth CommUNITY arises with so much embodied mass that we can and shall make the actual jump to Our New Earth.

To contribute to this, you of course can also make a donation without visiting our Ascensionhouse yourself.

Donate to our Ascensionhouse

As Ascension and New Earth Pioneer and Wayshower, we dedicate all our attention, time, energy, embodied consciousness and money in service to the greatest good of ALL. We do this – under the name CALYXES – through our worldwide Ascensionwork and with our Ascensionhouse. Support us with an Ascensionhouse donation so that we can continue to inform, guide and empower anyone who chooses to Ascend and help shape Our New Earth.

Donate here by a direct Paypal payment from our website.

You can also manually transfer a donation to the bankaccount below.

Data bankaccount


IBAN – International Bank Account Number: NL63 TRIO 0197 6582 29

BIC-Bank Identifier Code: TRIONL2U

Stating: ‘Ascensionhouse Donation’

Blessings for your support!


Our Ascensionhouse runs on gifts and donations.

The donation principle we apply in our CALYXES Ascensionhouse, means that voluntary donations from previous visitors of our Ascensionhouse make it possible that those who come after them can use of what our Ascensionhouse offers without having to make a contribution. And that these later visitors subsequently make it with their voluntary donation possible that those who come after them receive the same.

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Our Road Home

This by SARA written Dutch Ascension Book is an empowering, healing guideline during your own Ascension Road. It offers embodied profound information about everything you encounter in the course of your Ascension process and where you have to move through in order to be able to actually Ascend yourself. ’De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ shows how you through your Body can arrive Home. How we as a whole become ONE again.

Under the name CALYXES we – AN-RA and SARA – do our Ascension and New Earth work. Calyxes is not officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Under the flag of CALYXES we are currently doing the following activities:
  • Our worldwide Ascension- and New Earth work
  • Ascension Healing Sessions for individuals and partners
  • The Ascensionhouse