This webpage is about our Ascensionwork Destinations. For many years we worldwide do Ascension- and New Earth work in service to the greatest whole and the highest good. Given the nature of this work and due to the fact that we have experienced deep fear in relation to our safety during journeys on various Ascensionwork Destinations, so far we have published nothing about the content of the bulk of our worldwide work. Another reason for this is, that many were – and still are – not yet ready or available to learn about the content of our Ascension- and New Earth work.

Regardless of the aforementioned, below you find an extensive summary of the Ascensionwork Destinations, focus points and results of the worldwide work that we have done and embodied over the years. We publish this here now, for our work is directly related to the Ascension and New Earth work you yourself have to do. Because both the overview itself and its energy are support and guidance during your Ascension Road. And, to make you aware of that the ‘Stairway to Heaven’  that arose from our worldwide work, offers you the opportunity to Ascend through as “quickly and easily” as possible.



Peru, San Francisco de Yarinacocha

June 8th ~ June 15th 2009

First Ayahuasca retreat with Maestro Senenpani:

  • Personal healing work
  • Remembering what we truly are and what our Divine Task is
  • The start of our – SARA & AN-RA –  Ascensionwork together

October the 11th ~ October 18th 2010

Second Ayahuasca retreat with Maestro Senenpani:

  • Personal healing work
  • Remembering what we truly are and what our Divine Task is
  • Fulfilling part of this Task in the four years after the retreat by writing the Dutch Ascension book ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’. This guiding, healing and empowering book shows the reader what Road you have to experience yourself if you choose to actually Ascend. It is still waiting for you to be translated and published in English and other languages. 

During these four years (2010~2014): dying through and of name (letting go of Anja to embrace, access and express all that is SARA)

Ayahuasca brew

Ayahuasca Retreats

Healing wounded (fe)male

USA, Arizona; Utah; Colorado; New Mexico

June 7th ~ June 30th 2013

  • Healing the archetypal wounded masculine and feminine – male and female ego – through our relationship

Arizona ~ Valley of the Gods

Scotland, Roslin, Rosslyn Chapel

December 15th ~ December 24th 2014

  • The liberation of The Divine Feminine ~ Goddess
  • Receiving Christ Consciousness
  • Making it available again for each of us

Receiving back Christ Consiousness

Liberation Energy of Life

Denmark, Bornholm

March 11th ~ March 18th 2015

  • The liberation of The Divine Masculine ~ God
  • Liberating and making available energy of Life-Itself
  • Making it available again for each of us
Bornholm Østerlars Church
Bornholm ~ Hammerhus Castle

USA, Washington; Idaho, Boise; Oregon

September 2nd ~ September 25th 2015

  • The liberation of Humanity
  • Making our Divinity available again for each of us
  • Restoring Earth Grid

Stormy weather above Boise, Idaho USA

Liberation of Humanity

Universal Grid

France, Languedoc ~ The Netherlands, Deventer in unison

December 16th ~ December 21st 2015

  • Restoring Universal Grid (Caves Cathars ~ Maria Magdalena)

Peru, San Francisco de Yarinacocha

March 7th ~ March 30th 2016


  • The completion of The Largest Cyclic Movement by returning to where everything ever began
  • Reclaiming our Divinity and our Divine Powers and reconnecting with them again so we can use them for the greatest good of all
Ayahuasca brew

The Grand Completion

Preparation CWAJ

The Netherlands, Deventer

From April ~ September 2016

  • Fulfilling next part of our Divine Task by preparing for and consequently realizing our CALYXES World Ascension Journey – CWAJ

Banner Calyxes World Ascension Journey

América del Sur: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile

Oktober 2nd 2016  ~  September 22nd 2017

Experiencing in life itself the in March 2016 in the Ayahuasca Ceremony night achieved Grand Completion, and far beyond that…

We worked worldwide in synchronicity with others and their worldwide Ascension and New Earth work and in relation with – universal – events.


We had an actual moment of bliss, the full embodiment of the Grand Completion: January 6th 2017, hostel in Perito Moreno, Argentina.


Creation of Stairway to Heaven

  • Continuously saying ánd acting on ‘FULL YES!’ to everything that arises
  • Ascension into ‘Being Infinite Nothing’ ~ From within Nothing arises Everything
    • GodGoddessOne
    • Consciousness
    • LoveLight
    • Divine Self
  • Getting used to this new infinite space where everything! is different and functions differently. Being curious open eyed and hearted student with new vibration
  • Being fully at ease and feeling safe in being completely infinite, empty, intangible, without control and focus. Only expression and creation from within every now moment
  • Going from – perspective of – ‘I am a human (person, individual) who occasionally experiences the Infinite Goddess I actually am’ to ‘I AM Goddess. I always act from within me. I see illusion and everything occurring in it inside of me. I see my human – all my humans – inside of me’
  • Actual descent in deepest deep of hell Illusion
  • Dying of áll that is fear, feeling unsafe, pain, sadness, anger, rage, frustration, despair, distrust, loneliness, external authority and their constructed boundaries-issues, etc. In 3D vibration we create all of these ourselves
  • Dying through and of extreme fear related to by the male ego constructed and maintained borders and crossing these borders to reunite and enjoy BeingOne.
  • Driving FirePower at the death of this fear is the deepest desire of the Goddess – Sisters – to physically come and be together again.
  • Dying through and of THÉ male ego
  • Dying through and of THÉ female ego
  • Dying through and of THÉ mind and it’s control, which kept us imprisoned in illusion.
  • Dying through and of name
    • letting go of ‘Gerrit’ to embrace, access and express all that is ‘AN-RA’
  • Dying through and of our bodies as we knew them (huge weight loss)
  • Enduring and undergoing tremendous physical changes and challenges
  • Dying through and of THÉ ultimate lie that we are not perfect and act not perfect
    • Arriving in Thé Truth: I AM perfect and whatever I do is good
    • The lie caused us to stop to actually Líve. It has killed exploring Life like a child with curious wide open eyes and squeezed Life out of us
  • Dying through and of everything and becoming nothing enabling ourselves to move through the eye of the needle and enter Heaven on Earth, BE heaven on earth ourselves
  • Various personal ascension- and healingsessions with people we met during our CWAJ (as part of all the other work we have to do)
  • Goddess Firepower work: preparing someone for the next phase in her Divine Ascensionwork
  • Sharing our Ascensionwork and New Earth experiences with fellow overlanders and South Americans

Actually letting go of THÉ illusion

  • Timelinesplit: leap from 3D timeline into 5D – New Earth timeline and coming Home again
  • Continuous embodiment of ongoing rising vibration of LoveLight. This is like being with your hands in an electric circuit box while the highest possible energy flows through it and you have to bear – hold, endure – this energy in your body until you are used to it. And thén it immediately is been switched up again and again and again…
  • Especially during about the second half of our CWAJ: creating space to integrate all our Ascensionwork we have been experiencing and actual integration
  • Isla del Fuego – Yendegaia, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina
    • TAILBONE gateway where through all humans have been born – life on Earth has started;
    • Yendegaia means ‘deep bay’ (womb)
  • Retrieving the SUN and its – for achieving Embodied Infinite Nothing, Ascension and the Creation of Our New Earth – essential FirePower, from the deepest deep of hell.
  • Bringing the – FirePower of the – Sun as fast as possible up with us, through the Andes SPINE to the HEART, Lago Titicaca – Isla del Sol – Bolivia
    • Goddess wants to Líve nów, wants to create and express herself freely like a huge very rapidly thrusting squirting fountain
  • Isla del Sol, in connection with Templo del Sol, Rocca Sacrada
    • Sun/Source activation of the in Lago Titicaca existing SOLAR DISC and reconnecting this Disc to – our inner – Source on solar-eclipse Februari 26th 2017. Transition-ritual to the New Earth. 3D Earth turns inside out, pushes herself outside and let herself pull up through the energy of the Source-planet and becomes Our New Earth.
    • In and through us omniversal Kundalini-flow completed
  • Parque Nacional Talampaya, Argentina
    • We originate from the stars. At one point a long time ago we landed on this – red earth – Earth area. Since it looked like our home-planet, we started our illusion adventure here. It became our home away from Home
  • Ausangate, Peru
    • Sacred mountain for the Queros. During May-June 2017 An-Ra had several visions about paco Don Alejandro, the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades and their connection to Source. This was part of the preparation for the homecoming of Gaia/New Earth. On the 16th of June 2016 we did a despacho ceremony – an offering for the spirits of Ausengate –  on the banks of one of the several lakes at the foot of Ausengate. Afterwards we had a meeting in person with Don Alejandro in Cuzco.

Calyxes World Ascension Journey

Ascensionwork Destinations

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Our Road Home

This by SARA written Dutch Ascension Book is an empowering, healing guideline during your own Ascension Road. It offers embodied profound information about everything you encounter in the course of your Ascension process and where you have to move through in order to be able to actually Ascend yourself. ’De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ shows how you through your Body can arrive Home. How we as a whole become ONE again.

Under the name CALYXES we – AN-RA and SARA – do our Ascension and New Earth work. Calyxes is not officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Under the flag of CALYXES we are currently doing the following activities:
  • Our worldwide Ascension- and New Earth work
  • Ascension Healing Sessions for individuals and partners
  • The Ascensionhouse