Astrology for the Soul, December 23, 2015 ~ The weekly Pele Report by Kaypacha

No matter how long or dark the night,
There will be another day.
Just as the death of what used to be,
Gives birth to a better way.

Merry Full Moon Christmas! With the Full Moon in Cancer we can count on emotions running high not only between families but with everyone! We are in a period of awakening to our deeper needs, fears, and desires. This can create great insecurities and this weekend may find you worrying whether you spent too much on those presents or have enough time and energy to blast through to 2016.

As I mention in the report, this month and through 2016, life will be giving us some feedback, similar to a report card, on just how in alignment or not we are with our original soul intention/blueprint. It is a time to be looking seriously at making major life changes if necessary, to get back on track. May Spirit shine upon you and bring you all the opportunity, joy, and love possible during this season and beyond!


Source: The Pele Report