December 2018

Prepare yourself for what is about to happen


PREPARE YOURSELF FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN Now - in this turning-point-phase in actually realizing our Ascension - it feels like the moment to make you aware of that it is time to prepare yourself for what is about to happen. When you are one of the relatively few worldwide who [...]

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April 2018

Inside Out


Inside Out is the joint movement, which the old Earth and an exponentially increasing number of her inhabitants - and possibly you - are making NOW. INSIDE is the journey to your deepest core and Emptiness - your heart. OUT is the movement in which you yourself gradually push out your heart, while simultaneously using [...]

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March 2018

The Event is coming!


In this short article I want to talk about The Event because in the past few days an interesting video has shown up. On our website and other social media channels we spoke a lot about Ascension and The Event. Since long there is much to read about The Event in all kinds [...]

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You are so very welkom here! We - AN-RA and SARA - are passionate, curious and persevering explorers. Gradually we have said goodbye to the extremely harsh and painful illusionary place we all have spent time in far too long - our known Earth and her low vibration. While saying our farewells to everything [...]

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October 2017

Embodied LoveLight Language


Embodied LoveLight Language Understand by following your deepest desire to connect and BE ONE Now, I AM living on another planet - on Our New Earth. During the very long, intense Ascension Journey to arrive here in 5D, a new language opened up to me and gradually became my own. [...]

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The #MeToo Action


THE #METOO ACTION I understand that there is a movement being put into action on Facebook in which women can write down #metoo when they have been sexually harassed, abused, etc, by men ‘to create awareness of how big this problem is’. To me, writing #metoo is stating the obvious. One way or the other [...]

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September 2017

T-1 day: The Embodiment Of The Grand Completion


Embodiment: Every Challenge Is Faced and Experienced The Conclusion This last 12 months we have embodied The Grand Completion as we have experienced in our 2016 Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazone area of San Francisco de Yarinacocha in Peru. In the Ayahuasca retreat we experienced consciously our Full Potential, our I Am Presence. Going back [...]

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T-19 Days: Last Night Camping


We are entering our last night camping of our Calyxes World Ascension Journey. This T-19 Days is about honoring our car, rooftoptent and camping gear. It is Sunday the 3rd of September 2017 in Limache where we are staying at a local campground. 336 days traveling and now we have one night to go in [...]

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August 2017



STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN How everyONE benefits from our work Voor Gerdien In this “T minus…” about the Stairway To Heaven I tell in a nutshell the experienced result what Ascensionwork An-Ra and I have done (prior to) and during our Calyxes World Ascension Journey (CWAJ) and how you - as part of each of Us [...]

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T-29 days: A very small edge


A very small edge 250.000, a very very small edge. Reading the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation Report from Cobra a confident and glad feeling came over Sara and me. As said before in Cobra's preliminary meditation report the critical mass of 144.000 participants was reached. Shows that last monday around 100.000 more joined in. 250.000 I [...]

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