Calyxes Ascension Journals 2015 series are empowering and healing wayshower-videos in and through your own Ascension!

CAJ 2015 series PART ONE: Wake up!! We are ONE, we Must do it together.

We – Gerrit and Sara – are Ascension pioneers and wayshowers. In 2015 we have taken you on the Ascension Road Home with us through our Calyxes Ascension Journals – CAJ’s. These from our own experiences arisen CAJ’s contain important and clear information about the Ascension. They are empowering and healing wayshowers in and through your ówn Ascension. Therefore we have decided to post them as a collection in the forthcoming period under the title ‘CALYXES ASCENSION JOURNALS 2015 series’. Enjoy experiencing yourself the unique and magnificent Ascension Journey we are in right now.

Love and Light,

Gerrit and Sara


More than ever it is essential that we remember that we truly are ONE and that we all work together in achieving experiencing Our OneNess. In doing our own personal work we OurSelves create Our New Earth.
We speak from our own deeply lived experience.

Note: Thank you Cyrill Ury for letting us use your music Soulfles d’Asie.