Calyxes Ascension Journals 2015 series are empowering and healing wayshower-videos in and through your own Ascension!

CAJ 2015 series PART Five: Why Are We Ascending?

We – Gerrit and Sara – are Ascension pioneers and wayshowers. In 2015 we have taken you on the Ascension Road Home with us through our Calyxes Ascension Journals – CAJ’s. These from our own experiences arisen CAJ’s contain important and clear information about the Ascension. They are empowering and healing wayshowers in and through your ówn Ascension. Therefore we have decided to post them as a collection in the forthcoming period under the title ‘CALYXES ASCENSION JOURNALS 2015 series’. Enjoy experiencing yourself the unique and magnificent Ascension Journey we are in right now.

Love and Light,

Gerrit and Sara

Calyxes Ascension Journals 2015 series Part Five

This Ascension Journal answers the question why we are ascending.

A long time ago Goddess got the desire to Live. In order to be able to do so she created The Earth and human beings IN her. Everytime a human went his ‘Road Home’ and became whole in doing so, Goddess could flow freely through his body and express herself, Live. When that human being died, Goddess took her increased vibration back with her into her incorporeal Unity, in that what she truly is. She became a higher Goddess so to speak.

After having experienced herself for such a long time through so many many human beings on a 3d planet, she now has reached the highest possible expression of herself in this 3 dimensional vibration. She has seen it all, done it all.
In order for her to continue evolving she has to ascend to a planet with a higher vibration – 5d – and to experience herself through Krystaline bodies instead of flesh and bones bodies. Since WE are Goddess we have to ascend with her.

We are the ones who make this Ascension happen. Since our Ascension is essential to all what is, we get a lot of help from outside our planet, from so many beautifull Spirits of Love and Light.

We are Gerrit and Sara from Shamanic Practice Calyxes in Deventer, The Netherlands. In the ‘Calyxes Ascension Journals’ we share our own (physical) experiences in this Ascension period of us and the Earth to a 5d planet, we interpret what is happening to each of us and give information about the bigger picture.
Our Ascension Journals help you to understand what in this time frame is happening in and to you and the world. Beyond the fact that this gives support and peace, it also gives you the opportunity to freewillingly go your own Road and be co-creator of Our New Earth.
If you need strength and guidance in this – Ascension – process you can find it in our Practice. When it is the desire of your Self and you are ready for it, we can guide you over the bridge into the 5th dimension. Doing this around the world is our Divine Task.

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Love and Light, Gerrit en Sara