We are going for one year on Calyxes World Ascension Journey. For many years we have been doing our Healing & Ascensionwork in service to the Earth and to each of us. We did it from our Practice ‘Calyxes’ in The Netherlands and – increasingly – worldwide at those places where and for whom we were needed. As from October 2016 we let go of our lives in The Netherlands. We literally go out into the wide world and continue our work for the greatest good there. If you want our comprehensive and profound guidance in your Healing and Ascension, we off course remain being available for you. We keep on giving our Teachings and our Individual – Distance – Healing & Ascensionwork Sessions. For those living and travelling in the Americas, you even get the opportunity to receive a real life Private-Systemic Healing Ritual (P-SHR) session at whatever place we will be staying. To experience your session amidst the silence of breathtaking nature. We really look forward to meet you and to work with you, whether it is on a distance or face to face.

Pioneers and Wayshowers

We are pioneers and wayshowers in the Ascension we collectively move through and are realizing now. Specifically, for us ‘being a leader in our Ascension’ means that in and through our body and relationship has already been healed, what most of us still have to heal in themselves, that – as a result of this – we know our Divine Task and that we – our Divine Self – is already fulfilling it in service to all. It means that our body is a container or ‘Calyx’ in which the rise of all our vibration – our Ascension – is taking place and that we for quite some time already experience the overwhelming encompassing changes who also are becoming perceptible for each of us in the outside world.

All of the above means that when the physical world as we know it for so long, changes in an unprecedented and for you possibly frightening and confusing way, we are ready to guide you in and through it.

After being materialized from Source a very long time ago, we started our Road. During the course of billions of years we gathered a huge amount of experiences and now we are back at where we once started. During the Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazone rainforest in Peru in March 2016 we – from our own Divine Leadership – reclaimed and received back our Divinity and our Divine Powers. When this was realized we experienced nothing but Emptiness. There is nothing more to heal, nothing more to explore or to confront ourselves with, nothing more to do. We are ready. What we from within our deepest longing have been working so hard for for such a long time is fulfilled. We reached ‘The Grand Completion’.

Our Road in service to you and the greatest good of all

When you too feel the deepest longing to experience this – when you too want to Líve and Ascend – you Háve to heal yourself and literally let go of everything illusion and what is detaining you in 3D. Only then you can fall into your infinite Divine Self again, come freely to expression from there and BE powerful co-creator of our New Earth. Since we have already done this through our body – for ourselves, for all men and women, for the masculine and feminine and for geographical places and buildings on Earth we cleared and marked The Road for you. As a result – if you make the choice to do so from your own free will – you can move through it a lot easier and faster then we did. Actually going The Road is something you too have to do yourself, though!

Around The World: Calyxes World Ascension Journey

Now we are liberated from everything that detained us in the illusion, a new era has dawned. In this period we are materializing ‘The Grand Completion’ we have realized in the Ayahuasca Ceremony in our daily lives. Our ‘Calyxes World Ascension Journey’ is one of the ways we do this. With this Journey we literally go into the wide world and step into Life itself. We co-create all of our New 5D World by living through the countless preparations for this Journey and by disentangling ourselves from the numerous! contractual, political and social (un)written rules we often unconsciously are entangled in. We do this too, when we actually will be experiencing our World-Journey and with the Healing & Ascensionwork we do for each of us and the Earth prior to and during this Journey. Consequently we – together with many others worldwide – realize in and through our body and relationship the necessary increase in vibration of Earth and her inhabitants to let us arrive in a world in which each of us experiences that WE ARE LOVE AND LIGHT.

Your Choice, Your Movement

If you resonate with us and our Healing & Ascensionwork, feel the strongest desire: ‘I want to LIVE!’ and know that you are ready to step out of the illusion and to be put into that new space of higher vibration, then make an appointment for an Individual – Distance – Healing & Ascensionwork session with us. Make also an appointment, when the unprecedented comprehensive changes manifest themselves in the physical world as well and you want to be familiarized with everything that is happening.

Till the end of September 2016 we still can do our – distance – work with you in our Practice. As from October we work at the places our Journey leads us to. Be aware that we remain being available for you and your Ascension Road at all times!

We start our Calyxes World Ascension Journey in Chile, South America, and will be traveling the Americas to wherever and for whom we are needed. That offers those who live in that area of our beautiful planet and/or are fellow travelers the opportunity to receive an Individual – Distance – Healing & Ascensionwork session on site. Experiencing such a session amidst the silence of breathtaking nature will be quite impressive. We look really forward to do our part in realizing your Healing & Ascension in such surroundings.

Our Teachings

Naturally, until our departure from The Netherland we also keep being available for giving our Teachings here. If you have a group who wants to be informed about what is going on Ascension-wise and how each of us can Ascend themselves, we love to hear from you so we can plan a Teaching before we leave. Off course we are also available to give Teachings during our World Ascension Journey. Feel free to contact us and make it happen for yourselves.

Contacting us during our ‘Calyxes World Ascension Journey’

During our one year Journey we most likely will be spending a lot of time in the middle of nowhere. You can keep contacting us by e-mail. Please note however that it might take some time before we can read your message and answer it. To expedite things for you: If you contact us because you want to receive a Private-Systemic Healing Ritual (P-SHR) session, please write in a document in up to 200-220 words! the theme and/or question you want to receive Healing- and Ascensionwork for.  Your text also has to include what your deepest longing is that you want to have fulfilled.  Attach the document in your e-mail and send it to gerrit@calyxes.org or sara@calyxes.org. Thus we can answer you e-mail more focused.


We are looking forward connecting with you somewhere along The Road

Love, Light, Life

Gerrit and Sara