You are so very welkom here!

We – AN-RA and SARA – are passionate, curious and persevering explorers. Gradually we have said goodbye to the extremely harsh and painful illusionary place we all have spent time in far too long – our known Earth and her low vibration. While saying our farewells to everything and everyone that is illusion, we entered a Road not previously taken. An unprecedented – new by us to be created – higher Ascension Timeline through which we made our way HOME. From within this infinite empty place, form is arising. Our New Earth is in the process of being created.


WE ARE HERE. Every NOW moment is unpredictable and challengingly amazing. WE ARE NOTHING so there is also NOTHING in front of us and EVERYTHING is possible. Gradually and surely, we exponentially increase in Embodied volume. We have ‘set up camp’ for the whole of us, so you too have a place you can arrive in after your own long ‘Ascension Journey into the unknown’. With your presence in our ever-growing HOME-CommUNITY, ‘we-ONE’ create our most magnificent New Earth possible. LoveLightEmbodied.

Come too

Even if we could, we can’t return to the disintegrating place many of us still dwell and cling to. So, if you have the deepest desire TO BE ONE again, you too have to come HOME.

Don’t put your Ascension Journey on hold until you understand completely what this ‘Place that is HOME’ is and what She is communicating to you. Thus, you will never come HERE. Don’t linger along the way until you fully comprehend what WE ARE and communicate. Thus, you will never come HERE.

Simply follow and áct on your inner most deepest desire in continous ‘FULL YES!’, be courageous and just come. COME! Only then you too do arrive HOME and KNOW.

You ARE so very welcome here!