David Wilcock / Corey Goode on “Fade to Black Radio” 1-4-16

David Wilcock and Corey Goode are interviewed on the radioshow Fade to Black from Jimmy Church on January 4th, 2016.

Below You find more explanations about this show and the interview by Kauilapele from Kauilapele’s Blog and from Justin Deschamp from Sitsshow.blogspot.com. Both websites contains a lot of articls and other information about our ascension and disclosureprocess.

(Kauilapele) Although this show was last week, I was waiting for the archive to appear until posting these, but none have shown up (even though every other show on TalkNetwork.com had archives posted (generally, the same day)). This information, in my view, needs to get out there, so I post it for all to easily listen to.

There is quite a bit of information in this show which I found illuminating, particularly from David (as he throws these occasional nuggets out there which you don’t hear in his Gaia TV shows). Thanks to Jimmy Church for doing this interview.

Hosted by Jimmy Church, Fade to Black is a late-night long-form conversation talk-show with a style that is a throwback to the old days of overnight AM radio with hosts like Long John Nebel…open conversation with only the very best and brightest guests covering UFOs, ghosts, lost civilizations, secret governments, agendas, time travel and alternate realities. The difference? Fade to Black reaches out to the next generation with a fresh take on the world around us.Jimmy is also a guest-host on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and appears on History Channel’s Hangar 1: The UFO Files. http://www.JimmyChurchRadio.com

Above source is Kauilapele’s Blog

(Justin Deschamp) Update – I have added a youtube video of this recording to this post, found below the Fade to Black streaming player.

David Wilcock recently appeared on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.

He discussed many different topics in this show, including updates on some of the developments unfolding to free the planet and disclose the truth. The economy, secret space program, recent disclosures by the media, cabal activities and more are discussed herein.

David’s portion of the show beings at the 34:44 mark.

Corey Goode joined Wilcock for the last hour of the show, which begins at the 122:22 mark.

Goode, added to the conversation by bringing up some of the more recent secret space program activities and related moves by the cabal here on the ground.

Above source is Justin Deschamp on Sitsshow.blogspot.com

Source Spreaker.com