Embodied LoveLight Language

Understand by following your deepest desire to connect and BE ONE

Now, I AM living on another planet – on Our New Earth. During the very long, intense Ascension Journey to arrive here in 5D, a new language opened up to me and gradually became my own. My Embodied LoveLight Language is totally different from the old-Earth language. That 3D language does not suffice to express my experiences to you. It just doesn’t have the right words, or better yet, 3D words can’t describe my 5D Life. From within my deepest longing to connect and BE ONE, I love to do whatever I can to translate my Language for you though. At least for as far as this is possible. And when you have this same longing and follow up on it, you do will understand me.


I just travelled through South America for one year with An-Ra. Although we learned enough Spanish to get by well, most of this language remained undiscovered for us. Conversations continued to cost us a lot of effort. We started to notice though, that when we and the person we were talking with were curious and had the genuine longing to connect, we had the deepest most wonderful conversation and experience together. I specifically remember one contact with an almost only Spanish speaking Argentinian man and woman who were camping next to us. Our contact started with us being deeply touched by the classical music that played on their stereo. It meant so much to me to hear their refined music, that I walked to them in tears and thanked them with a hug. They were musicians themselves and understood me completely. Later we received a cd with the music from them. This surprising gesture brought me to tears again. During the rest of our one year Journey, we listened a lot to their beautiful gift and let us be comforted and strengthened by it.

Some time after they gave us the cd, we had a conversation with each other in a little Spanish but mainly with gestures and really looking at each other. In quantity we had not much contact but when the Argentinians left to go home the woman was in tears as if we had spend a lot of time together and became the best of friends. Not speaking the same language had never been an issue in understanding each other and in feeling deeply connected and Being ONE, even up until now.


Why is it then that we hear from people that the fact that we speak a different Language is the reason that they don’t understand us? At the same time implying that it is our responsibility to do something about this. In the long period I thought that they were right, I put a lot of effort in explaining the experiences I had during my intense Ascension Journey and now on Our New Earth. However, even the most of my in 3D translated basic examples were never understood. While I exhausted myself, I kept hearing that my Language was too difficult.

These experiences made me wonder what was really going on. In time it became clear to me. I noticed that I have encountered people from three different vibrational groups:

  • A group with people who will never understand because they just don’t want to listen.
  • Those who will probably never understand because they think and claim that they want to hear what I have to say but actually don’t.
  • A small growing group with people who do understand because of their deepest desire to connect and BEcome ONE. An increasing number of people in this group start to speak Embodied LoveLight Language themselves.

*short remark:

Through the upper two groups runs a sub group which consists of the male ego: he actually dóes want to hear about my experiences during my Ascension Journey and on our New Earth. His intentions aren’t pure, though. He is not at all interested to connect en Become ONE. He just DEMANDS: GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME YOUR EMBODIED – DIVINE FEMININE – LOVE AND LIGHT – CONSCIOUSNESS, GIVE ME HEAVEN AND LET ME BE GOD so I don’t have to go through this agony Ascension Journey of you myself.


A group with people who will never understand because they just don’t want to listen

This large group of people is still on the old Earth and has no intention of going anywhere. The people of this group don’t have awareness of their deepest desire to connect and BEcome ONE. Their lower 3D vibration bluntly rejects any higher vibration. They are just not interested in hearing about the Ascension Journey we ALL are in right now and about Our 5D Earth.

My choice

They will never understand my Embodied LoveLight Language so I stopped making any effort to be understandable and walked away.

Those who will probably never understand because they think and claim that they want to hear what I have to say but actually don’t

The people of this big group are also still on the old Earth, might not go their own Ascension Journey but are also not willing to let go of – the loved ones – who did.

The ones in this group – and probably also in the first group – feel being left out, are irritated, confused, upset and even angry with me ‘because of my Language’ and not being able to understand it. They have a strong attitude of ‘solve this for me’ instead of taking their own responsibility and looking for the understanding within their Self.

(Un)consciously they are afraid of what the consequences for them will be if they start to really listen to my Embodied LoveLight Language and it’s energy and allow themselves to understand it. They are afraid of Our New Earth and it’s Infinite Emptiness, of the Ascension Journey that leads to it and of questioning and letting go of their illusory old-Earth “reality”. So they just discuss and argue Truth as I experience it – fight it – and/or ignore me and my experiences and will never really listen. As long as they “don’t understand” they can “safely” keep being passive, unmoved and keep holding together their illusory world.

My choice

I AM Free and experience Life-Itself. How can I still keep on trying to translate my Embodied LoveLight Language to those who do not want to hear thus enabling them to keep being imprisoned on the illusion Earth. That this also exhausts me and is absolutely not good for me made me stop doing it.

Now, only when I get a sincere question to share my experiences, to tell about our Ascension Journey, the Ascension Work An-Ra and I have been doing for such a long time already and about Our New Earth ánd I feel that someone is really listening – letting in – despite his or her fears and doubts, I am more then willing to translate my New Earth Language. I don’t want anything from this person, just to be in service for the greater good.

In this period of time people within this group begin to awaken, start to listen to their Self to understand and begin to remember.


A small growing group with people who do understand because of their deepest desire to connect and BEcome ONE


The people of this group have contact with Our Deepest Longing. Once they are ready to take responsibility for this Longing, they start to fulfill it. While they work their ass off, they go as far as their courage, perseverance and Divine Task takes them. These are the very curious, courageous and stubborn ones. Once they realize that we as a whole are Ascending they make sure they contribute in service to all in accordance with their Divine Task. They allow their Self TO BE completely vulnerable and visible. At any given time their hearts are as open as possible. The further they dare to go, the more the Embodied LoveLight Language opens itself for them and they start speaking it, too.

At first when we meet and start to talk, their minds also don’t understand the – translated words of the – Embodied LoveLight Language. Their hearts always do, though. They KNOW that actually listening and letting in – how confusing and uncomfortable it is for them – helps them to discover their own Truth and brings them there where their Self wants to come and BE. They resonate with the New Language and they only want more and more.

My choice

I am always available for these people. It is refreshing, joyful, stimulating, comforting TO BE together with them. TO BE AN ASCENSION CommUNITY, ONE.


That the (not) receiving party plays a huge part in understanding me and my Embodied LoveLight Language has become evident to me. I can not make people want to hear what I have to say and do their work in understanding me. I can not make people actually Ascend and do their Divine Task in all our Ascension. There has to be contact with their deepest desire ánd the conscious decision to fulfill this desire for their Self – for ALL – no matter what. THIS HAS TO BE THE CHOICE EACH OF US MÚST MAKE FOR THEIR SELF. It cannot be done any other way.

When I meet someone, it is almost instantly clear to me where in vibration the other person is. From there I decide how I can be in service to the highest good and what is good for me.

For me it is such a relief to not have to walk on my toes all the time anymore. To let responsibility be where it belongs. I just keep on doing my Divine Ascension Task in service to all. This means that I walk away or let my Embodied LoveLight Language flow freely in trust that happens what needs to happen.

Life~Love~Light, SARA