This Ascension Journal is about Exploring The Unknown.
Recently we have been on a Journey. We traveled through the North-West of The USA and we have done some significant Ascension Work there. Eversince we are having our hands full integrating this Divine Work and doing all the Ascension Work that keeps on coming our way in a sheer endless flow. We increasingly are experiencing what it really means to be wayshowers and pioneers in the Ascension. Our minds have a hard time dealing with it ánd it is ‘wow’. After being away for a while and having had all these amazing experiences it is great to be back with a new Ascension Journal.

We – Gerrit and Sara – know for quite some time now that we are pioneers and wayshowers in the Ascension. In the USA at almost every turn, we stumbled on the names of a different kind of pioneers and wayshowers: Lewis and Clark. Since their journey has a great analogy to our Divine Journey, in this video we freely use their story to talk about ‘Exploring The Unknown’.

Around 1800 Lewis and Clark were asked by the president of the US to leave the East. They were told to open up the West and ‘make camp there’ so others could follow their explored trail themselves and could be welcomed in an area already prepared for them.
Lewis and Clark left the life they knew – left their friends, families and everything they hold dear – and started to explore the unknown. Started to face every challenge allong the way and deal with it.
For quite some time they were able to go back to the East and people from the East still could catch up with them. But there was like ‘a point of no return’. This was the point where they could make the conscious choice to either go back or to go all the way to the West. They chose the latter. When they finally arrived in the West they were hugely empowered by the many challenging experiences they had encountered on the road to their new home.
Guided by the experiences of Lewis and Clark a lot of people who lived in the East followed them. Despite the fact that they followed the same road they did, each of them had their own unique experiences in doing so. These experiences were their own and empowered them.
A lot of other people weren’t interested in going on such a challenging journey or did were interested – very much – but never found the courage in themselves to follow their longing and get started. As a result those who chose to stay behind in the East never experienced even one mile of the Lewis and Clark trail. Maybe they kept reading, talking and thinking about the experiences of Lewis and Clark a lot, but these experiences never became their own and they most certainly never brought them to experiencing in the West themselves.

We – Gerrit and Sara – know that we have passed the point of no return of our own Ascension Journey. We most definitely left the East – the 3d illusion world – and don’t allow others to manipulate us again in going back there. When we feel invited we speak firmly and decisive about what we feel, what we don’t want for ourselves and what we do. The trail to the West – to Reality – has been made by us and now we are opening up the West. Despite a lot of – personal – sacrifice, pain and hard challenges, we do this to be able to experience our Selves and for each and everyone of us to be able to experience their Selves. We are not to be stopped.

If you are still in the East – illusion – and you feel the longing of your Self to make your own journey to the West – Reality – you will never get there by only listening to us and to so many others who already are on their way. You have to go The Road Home yourself. It’s just the way it is. Have a great journey.


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