Fine-tuned Name Calyxes

//Fine-tuned Name Calyxes

Fine-tuned Name Calyxes

The topic of this Ascension Journal is: Fine-tuned Name Calyxes
Since a few years now we have called our Practice ‘Shamanic Practice Calyxes’. Now it is time to fine-tune. As from January 2016 we call ourself: CALYXES, PRACTICE FOR HEALING & ASCENSIONWORK.

We’ve decided to change ‘Shamanic Practice’ into ‘Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork’ for two reasons:
While we were experiencing the Love and Light we truly are in our life and work, our Divine Task unfolded itself for us: we began to realize that we are pioneers and wayshowers in the current Ascension. Willingly we have taken our Task upon us and we have been fulfilling this amazing Ascensionwork ever since. As our Healing & Ascensionwork goes much deeper and broader than being ‘Shamanic’ it became time to fine-tune our name.

We also focused our name for you. For each of you who also feels the deepest longing to Ascend with the whole now. Especially during and after the taking place of The Event – when you will be needing our Ascension guidance and healing the most – you have to be able to find us as easily as possible. Our fine-tuned name will help you with that. Purely practically as well as by vibration ie resonance.

Our Healing & Ascensionwork consists of giving Teachings, Systemic Healing Rituals, Individual – distance – Healing & Ascensionwork and Partnerwork. We look forward to meeting you in our ‘Calyxes, Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork’ somewhere along the Divine line.

When you resonate with this video, look at all the other Calyxes Ascension Journals we have been posting on our YouTube channel. We invite you to become a subscriber of our channel as well.
The videos can also be found on our website along with a lot of information about our Ascensionwork and how this work can benefit you, your live and all.

The Dutch boek ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ written by Sara and The Spirits of Love and Light can guide you through the Ascensionprocess to Our New Earth. Can help you fine-tune the chalice through which you come to expression freely.
To realize translation, publication and spreading around the world it is listed on Prosperity Projects under ‘Our Road Home’

About us
We are Gerrit and Sara from Calyxes, Practice for Healing & Ascensionwork in Deventer, The Netherlands. In the ‘Calyxes Ascension Journals’ we share our own (physical) experiences in this Ascension period of us and the Earth to a 5d planet, we interpret what is happening to each of us and give information about the bigger picture.
Our Ascension Journals help you to understand what in this time frame is happening in and to you and the world. Beyond the fact that this gives support and peace, it also gives you the opportunity to freewillingly go your own Road and be co-creator of Our New Earth.
If you need strength and guidance in this – Ascension – process you can find it in our Practice. For those of you who live outside The Netherlands we can work with you at a distance using facetime or skype. When it is the desire of your Self and you are ready for it, we can guide you over the bridge into the 5th dimension. Doing this around the world is our Divine Task.

Our website address is:
You can mail us at: or

Love and Light, Gerrit en Sara
©copyright 1 juli 2013


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