The Cause

Currently our vibration is rising, we are Ascending. We are creating a New Earth where we actually dó LIVE and experience that WE ARE LOVE AND LIGHT. Co-create it with us and contribute to our Calyxes World Ascension Journey for the greatest good of all!

For quite some years we are one of many who have been spending all of our focus, time, effort and money to get the unprecedented rise in the vibration of the Earth and of each of us realized. A rise which is also referred to as: The Ascension. So far we gladly funded all of our worldwide work for the greatest good of all ourselves. Now we are faced with a Healing & Ascensionwork Project whose budget is so substantial that we have decided to ask for a financial contribution from you.

Project we ask your donation for:

Calyxes World Ascension Journey ~ October 1st 2016 – October 1st 2017

Calyxes World Ascension Journey (CWAJ) is a one year Journey that starts in South America and that leads us to wherever and for whom we are needed to do our Healing & Ascensionwork for. With the countless preparations to make this Journey happen and the actual experience itself we – once and for all! – disentangle ourselves from and let go of all that is illusion (3D vibration) and co-create Our New Earth (5D vibration). In Living through this whole process ourselves we make this Road available for each of us.

Completely freeing ourselves from illusion entails for us that we become aware and step out of energy-sucking, manipulative and not nurturing relationships, programming, addictions and of the numerous! contractual, political and social (un)written rules. Also, that we leave our loved ones, house, car, most of our possesions, luxury, our country, steady job and income, the known and so called security and safety. That we take back responsibility for ourselves, our lives, our actions and their consequentes.

We co-create Our New Earth while we literally go into the wide world and step into Life itself. When we are being and staying completely open(hearted), transparent, visible and permeable and be our most powerfull expression in service to all. Also, when we keep being containers or Calyxes for the rapidly increasing highest vibration, thus allowing the Ascension for The Earth and each of us to take place in and through us.

When wé are truly living the above, experiencing it through our body – The Earth – , our relationship and our Calyxes World Ascension Journey, you – if you choose so – can step into The Road that will emerge from our it. Together we can co-create Our New Earth.

Healing & Ascensionwork done so far 

To realize our part in The Ascension, since a long time we have been doing our Healing and Ascensionwork for us personally, for our family systems, for men and women – the feminine and the masculine. We have been giving Group- and Individual (distance) Sessions, Teachings, (Spiritual) Ascension Disclosure on our website, YouTube and via social media. We also travelled around the world to work on those buildings and places on Earth we were send to. To give you an impression of this part of our Healing & Ascensionwork, here follows a brief summary of the work we did:

June 8th ~ June 15th 2009, Peru, San Francisco de Yarinacocha

First Ayahuasca retreat:

  • Personal healing work
  • Remembering what we truly are and what our Divine Task is

October the 11th ~ October 18th 2010, Peru, San Francisco de Yarinacocha

Second Ayahuasca retreat:

  • Personal healing work
  • Remembering what we truly are and what our Divine Task is
  • Fulfilling part of this Task in the four years after the retreat by writing the Dutch book ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings. This healing and empowering book shows the reader what Road you have to experience if you choose to actually Ascend. It is still to be translated and published in English and other languages.

June 7th ~ June 30th 2013, USA, Arizona; Utah; Colorado; New Mexico:

  • Healing the archetypal wounded masculine and feminine – male and female ego – through our relationship

December 15th ~ December 24th 2014, Scotland, Roslin, Rosslyn Chapel

  • The liberation of The Divine Feminine
  • Receiving Christconsciousness

Making it available again for each of us

March 11th ~ March 18th 2015, Denmark, Bornholm:

  • The liberation of The Divine Masculine
  • Liberating and making available Life energy

Making it available again for each of us

September 2nd ~ September 25th 2015, USA, Washington; Idaho, Boise; Oregon

  • The liberation of Humanity
  • Making our Divinity available again for each of us
  • Restoring Earth Grid

December 16th ~ December 21st 2015, France, Languedoc ~ The Netherlands, Deventer combined

  • Restoring Universal Grid

March 7th ~ March 30th 2016, Peru, San Francisco de Yarinacocha

Third Ayahuasca retreat:

  • The Grand Completion
  • Reclaiming our Divinity and our Divine Powers and reconnecting with them again so we can use them for the greatest good of all
  • Fulfilling next part of our Divine Task by realizing our Calyxes World Ascension Journey

Funding needed for ‘Calyxes World Ascension Journey’ (CWAJ)

Amount for the whole year: $ 45.000,00

Budgeting process

To get an as precise as possible estimate of the money we need to fund this Healing & Ascensionwork Project we visited many sites and blogs from people traveling The Americas. We studied the thoroughly specified reports of their expenses and have translated them to our situation. This resulted in the funding needed for ‘Calyxes World Ascension Journey’.

The project amount is composed of one time expenses – like 2 return airplane tickets, a reliable second hand 4 x 4 land cruiser with rooftoptent and campingequipment, small laptop, shipping car to The Netherlands. Also of daily expenses – like food, accomodation, health and health insurance, car insurance, gasoline, car maintenance and repairs, public transportation, Internet, documentation, services local guides, Spanish language lessons, car shipping and personal transportation costs crossing Darien Cap in Panama. And expenses to be made in The Netherlands during our one year absence – like costs realizing one year unpaid leave of absence employer and homeowner expenses.

*note: In our budgeting we have taken into consideration that our house will be rented during our Calyxes World Ascension Journey. A professional company is taking care of realizing this.

Being pionieers and wayshowers we are deeply ready, able and willing to continue our work around the world and to keep guiding those who want to fulfill their deepest longing to actually LIVE! through their Ascension to and in Our New Earth. When we do our part with our Healing & Ascensionwork and you do your part in supporting it financially, together we co-create All. The fulfillment of all of our deepest desire to actually Live and experience that we are Love and Light. Thank you very much on behalf of Ascensionworkers anywhere!

Ascension, when each does its part – together we co-create ALL


Gerrit and Sara