Inner Conversations

//Inner Conversations

Inner Conversations

The topic of this Ascension Journal is: Inner Conversations.
It is the task of our mind to keep us within the illusion. To keep us believing everything it produces is true. It is up to us to free ourselves from the endless flow of amazing storylines our mind produces and to go into the experience of Life itself.

How does the mind do his work?

If you, for example, have to talk to someone tomorrow and you are afraid of how that conversation will work out for you, you can lay awake at night while listening to an endless flow of inner conversations in which your mind lets you know what you will be saying tomorrow, how the other person will respond, how that will make you feel and how you will respond, etc.etc. Great stories, not real life.
When you do keep listening to these stories it might give you a false sense of security, strenght and controll. It even can “protect” you from going into the experience itself and being visible in it.
Again, amazing stories, not really living.
When you have the actual talk with the other person the next day – when you actually have the experience itself – it always works out differently than you thought. This shows that going into the inner conversations of your mind always turn out to be a waste of time, attention and a waste of a good nights rest. And yet, it seems to be almost impossible to stop doing this.

How do you stop this process and free yourself from your mind, from illusion?

Consider if the thoughts of your mind are helpfull or not helpfull. Are they related to fear and controll and in service to illusion and your personality, or are the thoughts of your mind in service to your Divine Self, your Divine Task and in service to the greatest good.

Be aware of what is going on and when your mind and its thoughts are not helpfull then tell your mind lovingly that he is a really creative storyteller but that you are not going to listen to him and its stories anymore.
This liberation of the inner conversations of your mind is an active focussed process in which you again and again and again… make the choice of not going into its thoughts. When you stop paying attention to it, your mind eventually quiets up. You start hearing your inner voice – the Voice of the Goddess you are – and then you can start fulfilling her deepest longing. By that time your mind is making the shift from being in service to personality to being in service to the Divine. It doesn’t create from loud inner conversations anymore – which emerge out of still to be healed pain and fear – but it creates out of the silence of Love and Light.

One commentary about Sara’s remark that this mind liberation process can be fun, that you can go through it curiously and playfully:
when you are at the point you know by experience what your mind does – what is going on – and you can let everything be, Sara’s remark is true. When you are not there yet, however, when you still believe your mind and/or “can’t” stop listening to all it’s – amazingly enough mostly always negative storylines – it can be hell though. Then you are stuck in a fight in which you are a captive of your mind. It is frustrating, frightening, exhausting and maddening.
Furthermore, when you do know what is going on be aware of this: In your process of freeing yourself from everything your mind wants you to keep believing, it will increase its efforts to keep you in illusion. It will even more bombard you with increasingly loud inner conversations. Just realize that you are not stárting to free yourself – that you are not thrown back again to the beginning of this process – but that you are almost there. Don’t get discouraged but just keep on going.

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