Inside Out is the joint movement, which the old Earth and an exponentially increasing number of her inhabitants – and possibly you – are making NOW. INSIDE is the journey to your deepest core and Emptiness – your heart. OUT is the movement in which you yourself gradually push out your heart, while simultaneously using the pulling aid of the universe until ‘INSIDE’ is ‘COMPLETELY OUT’. Until Inside and Out ARE-ONE.



Our known Earth has been a prison. For a long time we – through programming – have thought, that her illusion-world is all there is. In reality, however, she is merely a separated, miniscule particle of an Empty Limitless Space. This Space is The-Infinite-Nothing-that-we-ourselves-are.

The majority of all her residents have never been aware of this and many are still not. And, even though the truth has gradually seeped upwards, to date only relatively a few succeeded in, to actually let go of the old Earth themselves – to leave her very limited space – and TO BE free in the new space.

NÓW our trusted Earth with our existence on it, is rapidly disappearing. The prison is falling apart, dissolving, and merging back into the Infinite Space in which she is located. As a result, there is less and less where you can cling to. IT IS TIME! The highest time to leave the sinking ship. The period in which this can be realized for everyONE is NOW


The old Earth is currently disintegrating because for some time now, she in conjunction with many in, on and outside the Earth – including the universe and all the sublime that takes place therein – makes EVERY effort to let this happen NÓW. In this NOW moment, we actually free ourselves out of – the low vibration of – our prison. We are now already exploring The Infinite Nothing we OURSELVES are. And whilst going this road, we are already working on the creation of Our New Earth, The New SOMETHING that in this NOW-moment arises from The NOTHING.


The joint movement the old Earth and an exponentially increasing number of her inhabitants, have already made or are still making is INSIDE OUT. INSIDE is the literal journey to our deepest core – our heart. OUT is the movement thereafter, in which we ourselves gradually push out our heart – our infinite empty core – while simultaneously using the pulling aid of the universe until ‘INSIDE’ is ‘COMPLETELY OUT’. Until the core of the old Earth and the old human lie completely unprotected, naked, visible and touchable, open in The Infinite Nothing and you begin to experience that you are this Space yourself. Until the matter of the old Earth and the biological body of the old human, are turned inside out completely and – during this process – have been alchemically merged with The Infinite Nothing. Until we are fully ascended and we Líve LoveLight in freedom. And beyond…


It is NÓW that we are actually doing this with a growing number of people. It is NOW that you too can free yourself from your prison. INSIDE OUT.

This whole process also requires from yóu, that you no longer occupy yourself with the world that was our prison. That you give no more energy to everything that had to do with that old world. Hereby we are talking about the negative patterns that – in interaction with others and in relation to what is happening in the so-called outside world – continue to play out. Patterns that have repeated themselves endlessly and have never led or will lead to anything. 

Of the old Earth are also, the controlling fear-thoughts which your mind continues to produce, your unconsciously felt emotions and your physical complaints.

Take full responsibility for everything you (physically) experience. See to it that you are going to hear your own voice and act accordingly. Learn to distinguish whether your physical symptoms are challenging Ascension-symptoms that you ‘simply’ have to let be so that your (physical) Ascension process can take place in you. Or that it is wise to also go to a (regular) doctor/therapist. And, if the latter is the case, then arrange for it to happen by making an appointment and just go. Observe what happens in your life and body and if the way you deal with it is whether or not in service to actually accomplishing your own journey INSIDE OUT. And, be aware that this is not the case if you only continue to focus on your unhealthiness and symptoms, on everything you experience because of it and on maintaining the story in relation to your illness.

Your liberation process requires even from you, that you no longer occupy yourself with observing and interpreting yourself and everything in the way you have learned during your spiritual healing-period. With everything you think to understand with your high consciousness and almost endlessly can explain in beautiful stories to yourself and others. Stop being fooled and do not let yourself be distracted by it anymore. Anyway, because in doing so you keep yourself inside – the vibration of – the old world. But simply also, because of the fact that the old Earth is disintegrating and dissolving NOW.

When you truly want TO BE FREE, you too must now direct all your time, attention, focus and energy on moving outward through your prison and on freely experiencing and giving form to the One Infinite Space that we are.


Your liberation process álso asks from you NOW, that you are aware of where you are now. That you figure out to what extent you have fully Embodied The Consciousness and give your unique contribution to the creation of Our New Earth. 

To get clarity in this, you can observe in yourself to what extent you in your ordinary daily life still give energy to, what of the Old Earth is. This can also be achieved, by gaining clarity in which you experientially recognize yourself in the following three descriptions:

Description A

You are spiritual or at least have contact somewhere with a deep longing and curiosity. At times when you for example meditate, guide a client through his healing, perform, come to creative expression, you let The Infinite Nothing flow through you freely (partially). You feel calm, capable, omniscient and powerful. In your daily life – when you are not focused busy with something – you can not yet ‘hold’ The Consciousness and her ever-rising vibration in your body. You are going to do something with it or just get away from it. It is quite possible that you think that ‘you are already there’. This is not the case However. You are still inside the prison of the known old Earth and function, act and communicate from your personality, including your egos and mind. You are still in service to yourself (even though you do beautiful things for and with others). You conform to and – partly – act from the laws and standards of the familiar matter-world. You identify yourself with matter and form. This means among other things, that you feel successful or accomplished if you have prestige, are seen, acknowledged and confirmed, possess certain things, have a thriving practice and are – in some circles – famous or known. Also that you focus on getting and maintaining relationships in which you and/or the other are not free and therefore do not serve the highest good. Deep down you still want to know where your efforts result to and where you will end up. There is no ‘FULL YES!’ with regard to EVERYTHING to which you are invited to do and/or let be. Because you have not yet dared to go inside it in your daily life, you do not actually realize that there still is a Gigantic space waiting to be entered and experienced by you. This description can evoke resistance and denial in you. This is resistance from your (spiritual) ego that does not want to die yet and this too you can’t or won’t read.

Description B

Every NOW moment, The Infinite Nothing flows – largely – completely freely through you. You are working 24/7 to embody the continuously rising vibration. As a result, your Body is gradually changing and you are becoming Embodied LoveLight. You experience in your body that you, in all – physical – aspects are accomplishing a gigantic task. You are in freedom located outside of the old Earth – while she is dissolving within you – and function, act and communicate from Being ‘Embodied Infinite Nothing’. At all times you automatically are in service to the highest good and the largest whole. You yourself KNOW that you are irreversibly REVERSED and like an explorer your are on adventure in this new space. Especially in the period just after arrival in this space, you need the room to realize that everything here functions differently than you were accustomed to and how to BE in this Space. You vigorously continue until you have figured it out.

Description C

Phase between A and B – front portal: in continuous FULL YES! you have already chosen to actually let go of the old Earth and enter the new Earth. You have already connected yourself with the timeline in which the old Earth and many others Ascend. Now you move irreversibly through the corridor – Chalice – with which you end up in the new Space. By ‘simply’ continuing, you automatically arrive there.

If you in your daily life do not yet experience what is described at B and it does is your deepest desire to be there – in vibration ánd embodiment – then you can move towards it completely now. Then you too can complete your INSIDE OUT journey, gradually free yourself and merge again with The Greatest Whole. The only thing you have to do to arrive here is, having the willingness to give up EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY what has to do with our old Earth and to persistently continuing with always saying and above all DOING! FULL YES!


NÓW the time has come to prepare yourself for a definitive departure. Focus yourself! While realizing that you stand on the eve of leaving your known Earth, you have to finish the loose ends. For the very last time, clean everything, organize, tidy up and say goodbye. By – literally – dóing this consciously, the moment of the definitive leap in the new – The Event – automatically arrives. The moment we ourselves, from within an ancient decision to once leave our separateness again, have created during a very long, challenging preparation period. Take leave and be ready for our new adventure.