This Ascension Journal the topic is: Into the next. In the current Ascension each of us is invited to keep on stepping Into the next even though we have no idea what this ‘next’ is we are stepping into. What we dó know however is that every ‘next’ brings us into a higher vibration and that this increased vibration has to be integrated by each of us in and through our own bodies before we can move on. After we have allowed ourselves to let this happen we once again can step Into the next. Consequently moving up to yet another increased vibration, consequently Ascending to 5d.

The Spirits of Love and Light are helping us in this process. They continuously turn up ‘the button’ that increases the vibration, so we can gradually adjust ourselves to the higher energies we have to receive and become if we have the desire to actually do Ascend.
This places us for a lot of intense personal and worldwide challenges. It is – to say the least – not always fun but it just is how it is. A larvae who has to go through the process of opening up its cocoon and crawling out of it to fully and colorfully experience its true Self, the magnificent butterfly it is, has to do its work and move through quite some ordeal to get there as well. Has to step into the next of each phase of the process, too.

During our Ascension process we are stepping out of illusion, letting it all go so we can experience what we truly are – Nothingness. Living this Nothingness and in doing so becoming co-creator of Our New Earth, asks from us to face doubt, lonelyness, feeling lost and adrift. When we encounter these thoughts and feelings we just have to lie back and let ourselves rest in the hands of Goddess. For it is just an ivitation to let it be so you will step Into the next.
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The Dutch boek ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ written by Sara and The Spirits of Love and Light can guide you through the Ascensionproces to Our New Earth. Can help you to again and again ánd again step into the next even though you have no idea where you will be stepping into.
To realize translation, publication and spreading around the world it is listed on Prosperity Projects under ‘Our Road Home’

About us
We are Gerrit and Sara from Shamanic Practice Calyxes in Deventer, The Netherlands. In the Calyxes Ascension Journals we share our own (physical) experiences in this Ascension period of us and the Earth to a 5d planet, we interpret what is happening to each of us and give information about the bigger picture.
Our Ascension Journals help you to understand what in this time frame is happening in and to you and the world. Beyond the fact that this gives support and peace, it also gives you the opportunity to freewillingly go your own Road and be co-creator of Our New Earth.
If you need strength and guidance in this – Ascension – process you can find it in our Practice. For those of you who live outside The Netherlands we can work with you at a distance using facetime or skype. When it is the desire of your Self and you are ready for it, we can guide you over the bridge into the 5th dimension. Doing this around the world is our Divine Task.

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