CALYXES Ascensionwork Practice

Profound guidance through your Ascension and co-creation of Our New Earth

Hello, we are AN-RA and SARA and this is the website of our CALYXES, Ascensionwork Practice. Since long we are Pioneers and Wayshowers in Our Ascension and the creation of Our New Earth. We always ARE and will BE in service to the highest good. To actually achieve that we as a whole Ascend and together create and experience Our New Earth, we – our energy – is fulltime available for YOU, you(r human), body and the Earth. You can use us and our Work as a Stairway to Heaven.

On this website you receive embodied information about the Ascension Road we – humans and Earth – are going through right now. And also, about our part in this Ascensionwork and the creation of Our New Earth and how our Work can be of service to you and your Ascension(work).

stairway to heaven

Our Ascensionwork  CALYXES Ascensionwork Practice is not a company in the official sense of the word. We have no focus on making a profit. CALYXES is the name under which we freely do our Divine Ascensionwork.

Our Ascensionwork currently contains:


The Ascensionhouse

New Earth Community

One form of expression within our CALYXES Ascensionwork Practice is The Ascensionhouse. Our Ascensionhouse is in full service to everyone who has the deepest desire to come Home in themselves and BE ONE again. It is a space in which you can be in connection with others and thus Ascend and create Our New Earth easier and faster. The moment we as a whole actually make our Ascension-leap and move to the higher vibration of Our New Earth, is called ‘The Event’. Read more about our Ascensionhouse and what it can mean for you on this website. WE ARE HERE.

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Recent Articles and Posts

Here we keep you informed about our Calyxes World Ascension Work!


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Arrange an Ascension Healing Session

A Calyxes Ascension Healing Session is an optimal profound traject in which you receive one session. The essential leap forward and the empowerment that such a traject-session brings you, really contribute to that you yourself in your daily life actually fulfill your deepest desire. It clears the Road for you to deliver your unique contribution in full service to the greatest whole. We have very good experiences with remote Ascension Healings.

For comprehensive information about our Ascension Healing Sessions click on the button below. For Dutch information, click here!

Ascension Healing Session

Our Ascension Road

Our Ascension Road pure practically implies, that you in focused presence say FULL YES! to EVERYTHING life offers you and how this affects you inside. Only when you also ACT from here, you gradually live through your entire Ascension process, are going to co-create Our New Earth and experience Being ONE Embodied. You live fully in service to the largest whole and the highest good.

The Earth and an exponentially increasing number of humans live through Our Ascension Road with themselves. As a result, we as a whole, soon make our unprecedented Ascension-leap and come Home. Our New Earth, to start a new adventure, a new Road on.

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Our Ascensionhouse runs on gifts and donations.

The donation principle we apply in our CALYXES Ascensionhouse, means that voluntary donations from previous visitors of our Ascensionhouse make it possible that those who come after them can use of what our Ascensionhouse offers without having to make a contribution. And that these later visitors subsequently make it with their voluntary donation possible that those who come after them receive the same.

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Our Road Home

This by SARA written Dutch Ascension Book is an empowering, healing guideline during your own Ascension Road. It offers embodied profound information about everything you encounter in the course of your Ascension process and where you have to move through in order to be able to actually Ascend yourself. ’De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ shows how you through your Body can arrive Home. How we as a whole become ONE again.

Under the name CALYXES we – AN-RA and SARA – do our Ascension and New Earth work. Calyxes is not officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Under the flag of CALYXES we are currently doing the following activities:
  • Our worldwide Ascension- and New Earth work
  • Ascension Healing Sessions for individuals and partners
  • The Ascensionhouse