Prosperity Projects Listing

//Prosperity Projects Listing

Prosperity Projects Listing

Just recently we’ve listed our project – under project name ‘Calyxes Healing & Ascensionwork’ – at Prosperity Projects. We are very happy to have heard from Prosperity Projects that they have given their approval to our project.

Prosperity Projects was created to provide a clearing house for those with time, expertise or funding to team up with those involved in humanitarian-based projects.  Just a few examples would be in the area of environmental… such as cleanup or reforestation,  construction… such as sustainable building, energy… such as alternative energy, public or personal transportation, health… such as nutrition and fitness, working with chlidren, working with the elderly, working with the homeless, working with animals, art and music.

Full Description of our project on Prosperity Projects: For a very long time we each have moved through a profound Healing period. In 2008 we met also in our present live and we merged again. Man and woman One. Going Our Road Home our Divine Task has been unfolded to us with the help of The Spirits of Love and Light. For some time now we know that we are pioneers and wayshowers in the Ascension we are currently moving through. Through our round the clock experiences in rapidly increasing dimension it is becoming more clear to us what this means for us and our lives and what we bring others. Pure practically our Divine Task asks from us to Teach about the Ascension and about what each one of us truly is, what we came here to do in the present Earth-period and how we can realize this. We do this by means of our Teachings, our Calyxes Ascension Journal at our YouTube-channel, publishing our articles and with the book written by Sara and The Spirits of Love and Light with the Dutch title ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’. This book is a gift of The Spirits to everyone and can guide us all through the Ascension process to Our New Earth. To realize translation, publication and spreading around the world – like it is meant to be – it is also listed on Prosperity Projects under ‘Our Road Home’ Our Divine Task also asks from us to at the deepest level strengthen, heal and guide those who choose to go their Road Home completely and in doing so be co-creators of The New Earth. We do this work during our group Systemic Healing Rituals and during our – Distance – Private-Systemic Healing Rituals and Individual Sessions. In addition to this work we carry out the Divine assignments given to us by The Spirits. Fulfilling these assignments in The Netherlands and abroad brings – archetypical – healing and further realization of the Ascension for everyone of us. So far we’ve already done Ascension work in Peru, Spain, North-America, Scotland, Denmark and – off course – in The Netherlands. More in general our Divine Task asks from us to never let our personality including our ego’s and minds be in control anymore. We’ve completely surrendered to our Divine Selves and do our work – our creating – from The Love and Light that we all are. For the greatest good of all we truly are 24/7 in service to her – to the Divine Goddess. It is rather challenging – sometimes we are faced with a lot of (physical) pain and significant (personal) sacrifices – and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way: it’s what we are here for and we love experiencing what we are. Reason for listing our Calyxes Healing & Ascensionwork project: Receiving funding for the Divine Work we do, makes it possible for us to keep our entire focus and energy on doing what we have been asked and trained for since such a long period of time. It allows us to worldwide keep on contributing our share in realizing the Ascension for as many of us as possible. Love and Light, Gerrit and Sara







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