This is a video with comprehensive information about the sale of our Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4×4, rooftoptent and camping equipment in the first weeks of September 2017 in Santiago, Chile.


In the first weeks of September 2017 we sell our very strong and reliable car with rooftop tent – our home on wheels for about one year – in Santiago, Chile. It is the last thing we have to do before we fly back to The Netherlands again and complete our Calyxes World Ascension Journey in South America. At this point we have absolutely no idea how our life will continue from there but it will unfold itself like it always has done during our most adventurous Journey.

We love our Mitsubishi because he brings us everywhere we need and want to go. He effortlessly finds its way through extreme cold, heat, wind, humidity, the worst bumpy dirt roads, steep climbs and through the often literally breathtaking altitudes of The magnificent Andes. And – it has to be said – the roaring sound of his strong engine, his rugged leather interior and high clearance look is absolutely cool!

We absolutely have a sweet spot for our rooftoptent as well. Occasionally we stay in a hostel but we always are very glad to crawl in our own comfortable bed and be in the energy of our nature-home again. Where hostels in our price range are often depressing, cold, (very) dirty and noisy “closed boxes” in filthy and in overwhelming screaming loud busy villages, our rooftoptent is cosey, clean and surprisingly warm. And above all, our ‘second floor tent’ offers us the closest way to continually BE outside in the most breathtaking cherishing nature, to directly be in contact with the weather. Also to enjoy the sunrise and -set and everything in between, the songs and sometimes amazing sounds of birds – in Chile one “made fun of us” laughing his tiny longs out – and the sound of crickets. And last but not least to deeply enjoy the never boring breathtaking Milky Way and its infinite number of stars again and again and again. When you eat your breakfast in the warmth of a rising sun at a wild river surrounded by The Andes there is only silence inside.

Next to our Mitsubishi Montero Sport and rooftoptent, all our camping- and cooking equipment and tools make it possible for us to live this outdoor life as well. We have everything we need to prepare and eat our meals with, to make a campfire, change a flat tire, etc. Thanks to the convenient boxes we always know where everything is. This is especially very much desired in situations like when it is dark, cold, the rain is pouring out of the sky and you really need your raincoat, warm fleece and woolen hat as fast as possible.

We created this one year Journey for ourselves and jumped into the – amazing – experience. In a few months we have to let go again. Which means we also have to let go of our Mitsubishi Montero Sport, rooftoptent and camping equipment by selling them to the next people who have contact with their inner calling to actually be free and travel the earth. To experience life-itself. If you feel it is your turn now, look at all the information in our PDF1 and PDF2. When you see yourself to be the new owners and become a fellow traveler feel free to contact us.