System Alert

System Alert

This Ascension Journal is about – System Alert -. When other people are (un)consciously trying to pull us back behind the fence into illusion again our system goes to a state of alert. We feel fear, are drawn back into our heads, start conversations in our minds and feel unpleasant reactions in our bodies. This is what it is. When we want to be free though, we háve to tell to the other what we feel and want despite how he or she will react or what the other will think of you. Doing so ends the Sytem Alert, helps you to be resting in your heart again and makes you truly free.

We are Gerrit and Sara from Shamanic Practice Calyxes in Deventer, The Netherlands. In the ‘Calyxes Ascension Journals’ we share our own (physical) experiences in this Ascension period of us and the Earth to a 5d planet, we interpret what is happening to each of us and give information about the bigger picture.
Our Ascension Journals help you to understand what in this time frame is happening in and to you and the world. Beyond the fact that this gives support and peace, it also gives you the opportunity to freewillingly go your own Road and be co-creator of Our New Earth.
If you need strength and guidance in this – Ascension – process you can find it in our Practice. For those of you who live outside The Netherlands we can work with you at a distance using facetime or skype. When it is the desire of your Self and you are ready for it, we can guide you over the bridge into the 5th dimension. Doing this around the world is our Divine Task.

Love and Light, Gerrit en Sara


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  1. Ardiyansyah 3 March 2016 at 09:59 - Reply

    When I first found you blog, I kept coming back for the tutiaorls and the free goodies, but as I’ve progressed as a photographer, I find that your style doesn’t quite match up with mine anymore (which is ok!). However, I still check in at least once a week to keep up with your life, I think it’s interesting, and kind of my dream life, which probably sounds weird. Being a stay at home mom, supporting herself by doing what she loves- that’s what I want! I know not every one loves personal posts on graphics sites, but that’s what keeps me coming back. 🙂

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