Embodiment: Every Challenge Is Faced and Experienced

The Conclusion

This last 12 months we have embodied The Grand Completion as we have experienced in our 2016 Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazone area of San Francisco de Yarinacocha in Peru. In the Ayahuasca retreat we experienced consciously our Full Potential, our I Am Presence. Going back to Source where it All started was the aim of the retreat. After that immense experience, we had to face the experience of our I Am Presence in Life itself. That’s the reason for our one year Calyxes World Ascension Journey in South America which started in October last year. For Now our (inner) Ascension Work is done. By facing every challenge we met during our Journey, we have experienced Life-Itself. We have completed our Mission to close the largest cycle of all times – The Embodiment Of The Grand Completion. The Alpha and the Omega have met. With the creation of Nova Earth we as One and Whole start a new cycle.

The Reflection

To experience all of this, we created our Calyxes World Ascension Journey in South America. We had to leave our known and secure life in the  Netherlands. Every attachment standing between our earthly life and our I Am Presence had to be cut through. Leave our jobs and work, leave behind all our relatives, friends and family, leave our beloved house, sell our car and start with the minimum of belongings and gear all over in South America. We chose a 4×4 car with rooftop tent to expose ourselves optimally to the outside world. We have driven almost 30.000 km to go from Santiago, Chile, to the most southern place on Isla del Fuego, back up to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and the Sacred Valley around Cuzco, Peru. From Peru we completed the ‘circle’ in Santiago, where we sold our car and campinggear. Tomorrow we fly back to the Netherlands. Our journey in South America brought experiences that triggered inner boundaries connected to the created illusionary me. For we healed ourselves personally long before this journey, we knew that we were working for humanity. So this journey we worked in service to all by transforming in ourselves the collective human illusion, the male and female ego and everything connected to it. We also did Ascensionwork – such as clearing dark energies – in places as Yendegaia (Chile), Lake Titicaca, San Pedro de Cachora and Ausangate. During our Journey we guided several people we met in personal sessions in their Ascension process.


In the first half year we faced a lot of fear, pain, uncertainty, sorrow and insecurity. Especially Sara experienced the creation of these in herself, thus creating hell on earth. This gave her the opportunity to go to the most deepest place of hell, to come back up again and on her way heal all this fear and pain for the greatest good inside of her. She only could do this part of her Ascensionwork because An-Ra took care of his part by ‘just’ being present so she was safe.

Also, out in nature we experienced ourselves being very vulnerable and subject to the unpredictability of nature. There was so much coldness and humidity out there to deal with. And lots of Sunshine in the second half of our Journey. But the nights stayed cold and several times even freezing. All the inner Ascensionwork we did, made us feeling Light, Empty and Infinite. Almost no density is left in our earth vessels. Now, by feeling and experiencing the created illusionary you – our egos, personalities, the programming and lower mind – we healed Humanity as a whole.

This year we noticed that our Ascensionwork was pretty well synchronized with the energy influxes of the large events during this year, like moon and solar eclipses, full and new moons, equinox, X-flares and the Lionsgate. And with the equinox of the 22nd September right in our face. In our work we teamed up with all the other Ascension- and Lightworkers, Cobra and his Resistance Movement and all the Beings of Light and Love in our Solar System and beyond.

In all our Ascensionwork, we felt we were All-One and never alone.

Arco Iris

Along our journey we saw so much arco iris (rainbows). Every time they were a confirmation that we were at the right place and that we were spot on with our Ascensionwork. We came on places where only we were present when these rainbows appeared. We felt so blessed and supported seeing them. They gave so much joy. Also, the Arco Iris and the Solar Disc are the same. A main purpose of our Journey was to bring the (inner) Sun from hell along the Andes to Lake Titicaca. At Isla del Sol we connected our Sun to the Solar Disc.

The Embodiment

All is fulfilled; we are ready to Ascend. Our familiar bodies disappear. We lost lots of kilograms of weight. Every new energy influx is felt. We grounded these in Gaia and ourselves during everyday Life. At this Moment of Now, we don’t know what will be the next phase in our contribution to the Ascension. We literally are empty. We don’t even know how our lives back home in the Netherlands will evolve. After this intense experience of being free in nature, ‘going back’ in any sort of system will not work. Our former lives were lived in an other timeline then we are in Now.

Now we have fulfilled our Mission during this one year Journey, we are ready to take up our next part in our Ascensionwork and help as much humans in their Ascension process. In what ever way, shape of form it will present itself.

In all, we feel honored that we got the chance and possibility to do the Ascension Work for the Whole of Us by fulfilling this part of our Divine Task here in South America.

Now with this T-1 Days we acknowledge, honor and celebrate our accomplishment in our Ascension.

So it is and it is so