We are entering our last night camping of our Calyxes World Ascension Journey. This T-19 Days is about honoring our car, rooftoptent and camping gear. It is Sunday the 3rd of September 2017 in Limache where we are staying at a local campground. 336 days traveling and now we have one night to go in our rooftooptent. For about 14+ days after this night we will stay at a cottage in National Parc La Campana in the northwest of Santiago. This last place will give us the opportunity to clean up our car, rooftoptent and camping gear. To sort everything out what will stay in the car for the new owners and what will come back with us to the Netherlands.

Performance and Reliability

We are so glad with the performance and reliability of our car, rooftoptent and camping gear. It is hardly to understand when you are not in the same position as we are and can experience what we have done. Our equipment gave us shelter, comfort, warmth and trust. Also worries, will it keep functioning, will it stay dry? Everything of our gear gave us a Home. It was reliable all the way. Some of our equipment items were more used than others. Our car, cooking gear  and rooftoptent are used daily. Most of our stuff never gave up functioning under the severe conditions we had to put them in. By this we were able to travel to distant spots in nature to do our ascensionwork. Several times we had to stay in hostels. The circumstances there never matched the home-feelingness of our car, rooftoptent and camping gear. Our bed is so comfy. We rather stay outside in nature than we were in those places.

When we left last year we took with us the clothes we are still wearing. They are mostly worn, discoloured and because our lost of weight to big of size. Several of them we will leave over here because we will not wear them back in Holland.

Learned Most

What we learned this year is that we don’t need a lot of stuff, that we are vulnerable in nature and that there has been unexpected cold weather and lots of very cold and humid nights. This year we lived outside in nature with very minimum of supportive gear. What was missing became clear for us. For the next time traveling as overlanders we will take a campervan or something like that. The vulnerability in nature, the strong winds, lots of rain and the intense cold of the nights makes us longing for a closed area with the possibility of heating.

So now we are well aware of our last night camping. We will enjoy it with great pleasure.

To skip this moment of honoring in our Calyxes World Ascension Journey would not be proper.

In great honor we look back on the undemanding and natural support of our gear. With the deepest gratitude and great thankfulness we leave South America and hand over our car, rooftoptent and camping gear to the new owners.