How everyONE benefits from our work

Voor Gerdien

In this “T minus…” about the Stairway To Heaven I tell in a nutshell the experienced result what Ascensionwork An-Ra and I have done (prior to) and during our Calyxes World Ascension Journey (CWAJ) and how you – as part of each of Us – benefit from our work.

The Grand Completion

We have created The Stairway To Heaven in and through our body and became Stairway ánd Heaven – 5D New Earth – ourSelf. The creation of this vibrational ladder took place in the many years prior to our CWAJ: in ourselves through personal healingwork, in our female~male relationship through healing and letting die of our personal male and female ego and in our Healing & Ascensionwork in service to the highest good. Where March last year 2016 we jointly reached THE GRAND COMPLETION. The total completion of thé illusion Earth and the start of 5D. This happened during an Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Amazone in Peru. When we finished our work that night we experienced that everything was ready. The (inner)work of all of humanity and beyond was done. What remained was Infinite Nothingness ie Indifferent Love. We experienced this from within in our Consciousness – that what each of Us is.


From that moment on we just had to do one final thing to finish The Stairway To Heaven. Again in service to all, in us we had to fully embody – experience – THE GRAND COMPLETION and climb The Stairway from its deepest beginning ourSelf. We had to start moving, to boldly go into the wide world completely unprotected and TO DO IN LIFE ITSELF what we already had done and experienced Consciously. We could achieve this through our Calyxes World Ascension Journey here in South America. It would be a year in which LETTING GO OF THÉ ILLUSION had to take place.

Deep into the old 3D illusion world

Once on this continent, we experienced that at first The Stairway was grounded deep into the old 3D illusion Earth. Letting go of THÉ illusion – including EVERYTHING of THÉ male and THÉ female ego – was achieved by us while we in the DEEPEST and  UTMOST ways again experienced and lived through all that is illusion. While we literally completely descended to the bottom of the hell and beyond and retrieved our Father THE SUN – our FIREPOWER – out of there. Our God-Sun – this FIREPOWER – which is ESSENTIAL for The Goddess we all are to actually LÍVE Love and Light. To let Life~Love~Light melt together again to ONE.


We accomplished this while we descended through the lowest of 3D vibrations. Through all what is fear, uncertainty, sadness, anger, rage, inner fight and struggle, depression, etc. While we for the greatest good lived through ÁLL PAIN – WHICH IN THE 3D ILLUSION EVERYONE OF US CREATES THEMSÉLVES. OUR PAIN WHICH TRULLY IS ILLUSION BECAUSE PAIN IS NOTHING. IT IS A FIGMENT OF OUR IMAGINATION. And… it is THE HELL.

To be able to do this Ascensionwork we hád to make the long, cold and wet Journey all the way down to National Parc Yendegaia, Isla Del Fuego, the most Southern part of Chile. This point at the bottom of the Andean spine is the birthcanal through which each of humanity is born.

The turning point

The turning point came while gradually we very arduously started to climb out of the hell. We had to rise up through the Earth’s spine – The Andes – and go to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, and do Ascensionwork there. Our Sun – which had been hidden for such a very long time in the hell in the South of Isla del Fuego – was taken North with us and brought to the Heart-Solar Disc in Lake Titicaca.

So we moved from Stairway step to step to step through every supportless open space between the steps. From very very dense vibration – frequency – to increasing lighter vibration. Because we lived through ánd saw through the above, this year here in South America, An-Ra and I once and for all let go of THÉ illusion. And at some point The Stairway we had started to create in service to each of us gradually started to ground in HEAVEN – Our New Earth – 5D. Arose a Stairway with whom each of us who has contact with his or her deepest longing ánd who wants to fulfill this longing for themself by also starting to move, can climb to Our New Earth.

Creation of The Stairway to Heaven

In the next phase of our Calyxes World Ascension Journey we started to create Heaven – 5D. This began after we had done our Ascensionwork on Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, during the Etheric Liberation Meditation on the 26th of Februari 2017. During this Meditation we – among many other things – activated the Solar Disc and connected this Disc to Source.

We experienced complete presence, focus in BEing ‘Infinite Nothingness’ and timelessness. We created something from nothing and every NOW moment we gradually had to figure out how to BE and to create in this New World. It was a complete new balgame without any rules. Our only inner drive came and comes from Indifferent Love~Light and Our Infinite desire to Live. We became super curious to every NOW moment and what forms arose from there. Especially An-Ra had to cope with living and acting without a focus of mind (a goal). This was quite challenging for him.

Since then we especially became aware that we only intentionally have to focus on what we want and need. Done so we experienced that the first thing that shows up is the best fit for us. Effortless creation.

The last three months

During about the last three months we all the time create places, circumstances, time and space for ourSelf in which we experience nurturing. It is all we need now. It supports the integration of the huge amount of Ascensionwork we achieved this year that is taking place in and through us. In our bodies everything is naturally flowing together to ONE. In us we become embodied ONE. We also experienced this year great synchronicity with all the major energetic events that took place and are taking place. We are on top of it.

On the 21st of August during the Solar Eclipse Unity Meditation I also saw this take place for the many of us who chose for this to happen for themselves. I observed it when – after the Infinite Light was expanded – many seperated parts of us from their own choice and movement merged in that most dense small but oh so giant full infinite matter from which the Big Bang originated.

After which the letting go of our hands took place and WE finally FREED OURSELF…

The Stairway to Heaven

We have created ‘The Stairway To Heaven’ in and through our body and became Stairway ánd Heaven – 5D New Earth – ourSelf. This is a very brief account how we did it. How you – as part of each of Us – benefit from our work? THE ONLY WAY TO REALLY FIGURE THIS OUT IS when you too from within your deepest longing start to MOVE on The Stairway from step to step to step through every supportless open space between the steps. Realize this though: since we ALL are ONE, oúr inner work is available and accessible for everyONE.

Back on Dutch soil again

Obviously we have no idea yet what An-Ra and I have to do when we are back in The Netherlands again. We do know that the old world not fits anymore. In what way, shape or form our Ascensionwork continues. That we keep on doing whatever is asked from us in every NOW moment in the  Ascensionprocess of each of us, is a given though.

If you need us now, during The Event – when thé shift EVENT occurs – and in the period after that, know that we are here for you. We are part of the worldwide and beyond group of Ascensionworkers who have dedicated their lives to fully be in service to the greatest good.

If you dont’t know how to start moving on The Stairway to Heaven yet or you do know, but you still just don’t do it, we recommend also that you read my healing book ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’. This Ascensionguide is a gift from The Spirits to all of us. It shows you how to go your Stairway to Heaven. It also includes a lot of for our Ascension essential information about the male and female ego and how to heal them inside yourself and your relationship.

Sara and An-Ra, Daughter and Son of the SUN


PS The book still needs to be translated and published in at least English. If you feel that that is your Ascension task, please contact me at so we can spread this gift worldwide like it was meant to be from the get go.