A very small edge

250.000, a very very small edge. Reading the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation Report from Cobra a confident and glad feeling came over Sara and me. As said before in Cobra’s preliminary meditation report the critical mass of 144.000 participants was reached. Shows that last monday around 100.000 more joined in. 250.000 I Am Precenses all around the globe established a mass meditation – did yòu join? – never seen before. Enough to hold the Light when the Event is happening. The effects of this Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation are profound. We are on the doorstep of the Event. What strikes me was to feel the importance of so few for so many. Not to speak of the effects outside our planet. On this globe live approximately 7,442 billion souls. And Our Ascension seem to depend on the shoulders of several hundred thousands. That’s a very very small edge. I figured that the amount of 250.000 is about  0,000034% of all people on Earth. Can you imagine this? So few I Am Precenses taking responsibility for the fulfillment of their Divine Task and so many not doing this. The most of them probably having no clue at all. And yet the effects of the unison of so few are profound in these times of Ascension.

Turning point

The turning point is reached in this Unity Meditation. What to think of having millions and millions I Am Precenses meditating and taking up their part of the unitywork. Clearing the Dark Alliance and to lift us up to the higher dimensions of Heaven on Earth would be done in an instant. What I also feel when I became aware of this is a firm sense of rigor and determination. I become aware that there is NO way back. Either you join in and do your own Divine Work or stay in the lower vibration and live in fear, separation and insecurity. This separation between souls is already in shape. Everyone and You can live in a higher timeline NOW and be the highest version of your pure potential. It is by choice! Really.

Scenic detours

I read read a channeling yesterday of the Divine Mother by Linda Dillon. Mother strikes me, she’s strict and vigor. I copied a phrase. You can read the channeling by clicking here.

The Divine Mother: Sweet Gaia and all of us have witnessed – and yes, observed and tolerated – many scenic detours. And we have said to thee, the time of scenic detour is over. What one uses scenic detours for relates to denial. “I am not sure of myself. I am not sure of my position in the Universe. I am not sure of the Mother’s Plan. I deny my power. I deny that the Mother’s Breath is my breath. I deny that I have the power to change this entire planet. And, I am afraid. So I will go on a scenic detour so that I don’t have to embody the truth of who I am.

Do you want to maintain your scenic detours as The Divine Mother said? That’s an very important question for NOW. Sara and I have come this way, our Divine Way, as far as where we are NOW. We are not attached anymore to the old world. So why can’t you? Do you join or not!? Denying your inner truth and longing hurts you now and more-and-more in the long term. It becomes hell. Your world of illusion and 3D-matrix is disappearing. This systems power plug is pulled out for  some time ago. Sara and I experienced in our Ascensionwork this last year the dissolvement of illusion in our Selves. Staying in your illusive and virtual world of mind, ego and personality is the same as over-and-over re-creating your own hell on earth. By choice! We are waiting for you to join us in Love and Light creating New Earth.