T-31 days: The Day after the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation

So far we haven’t done a lot of writing and posting about our experiences during our one year Calyxes World Ascension Journey here in South America. We just hadn’t the inner room and energy for it. For these last 31 days – on September the 22nd of 2017 (= T minus or T-) when setting foot again on Dutch soil – we will write several ‘T-… days posts’ about our experiences. Maybe in a sort of evaluating way. We will post them on our website and our CalyxesPractice Facebook page. We hope you will enjoy them.


During the last night my body was producing a lot of heat. I had to take my thermal T-shirt and Alpaca socks off. A lot of dogs are barking and howling to each other. Last evening I became very awake, a sort of hyper feeling. Over here in Vicuña, Chile we joined the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation at 3.11 hour PM in the afternoon. Because of the hyper feeling I couldn’t get into my sleep. Around 3 o’clock in the night I woke up feeling that my right shoulder was aching. I had to move over to an other sleeping position. I became fully awake. It was ‘busy’ in my head, a lot thought-trains were coming by. I practiced with my third eye, asking to unveiling it. I felt inside my head a sort of square connection to my pineapple gland. It was an intense feeling. No images appeared. When I turned to another sleeping position I saw at once through my third eye crystal clear TV-screen pictures. I enjoyed them while trying to realize what I was looking at. Some sort of greenish yellow figures. I didn’t get to know what it was. The more I focused with my mind on the pictures the sooner they disappeared. I put in my earplugs, a necessary possession over here in South America. I fell asleep.

This morning I feel a new energetic landscape inside myself. It is new and of pure potential. Nothing in any direction is materialized. It is all open. In my head I hear a strong ringing and whizzing from one ear to the other. This has been along with me for a long time. I feel a soft pressure in my solar plexus. Also for a long time a (painful) energetic companion. The overall inner feeling of Now is joy-ish excitement. Yesterday during the mass-meditation we have co-created critical mass which means that more than 144.000 souls worldwide have joined the worldwide Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation and stated their New Earth Intentions of Love, Light, Freedom, Abundance and Joy. I had inner visions of an in white pure light encircled Earth. Great healing and cleansing of fear, uncertainty and anger took place. For me critical mass was obvious. I follow the Lightworkers scene on the internet for many years now. From my insights I could see that the ‘personal borders and differences’ in the community were taken down so everyone was answering and following the inner call to join this landslide causing Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation Event.

For Sara and me these months of August and September with it’s major energetic events is a moment of time where everything of our Calyxes World Ascension Journey comes together. We feel The Grand Completion is on our doorstep.


Despite my intentions I haven’t communicated much to the outside world during our Calyxes World Ascension Journey. So far I had my hands more than full dealing with everything that was working through me. My part of the Ascensionwork An-Ra and I had to do needed all my focus and attention and there was no room for anything else. Yesterday An-Ra suggested to write a series of short “countdown articles” about what we experience during the last 31 days of our Journey in South America. I liked his idea but I also felt resistance to start writing again. Wherever I feel room for it I will contribute to the T- series as well though.

When the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation was announced, it was absolutely a given to An-Ra and I that we would participate. In this last period of our Calyxes World Ascension Journey all the Ascensionwork we have done is melting together inside of us. The embodiment of our ONE-ness is taking place. It is no surprise that now also in the “outside” world we Unite and become ONE again. During our one year Journey there continually has been synchronicity in our Ascensionwork and experiences and what happened on Earth and beyond. While participating in the Sun Eclipse Unity Meditation we could bring in all of our experiences and contribute to the realization of the Ascension of each of us. In the last days before the meditation we already knew that critical mass would be reached. Apparently each of us have embodied enough to be able to become ONE again.

As soon as An-Ra and I started to go deeper in this meditation the absolute wind free day changed. The wind really started to blow hard and kept on doing so during our meditation. These years, every time when we did or had done really significant Ascensionwork the wind started to blow hard up until huge storms with really dark skies and rain. So this really was a good sign. Three of the things I experienced during the meditation: I saw that the Love and Light we all are was so omnipresent that the dark energy creature nearby our earth couldn’t hold on anymore. Without the presence ‘fear’ there was nothing to cling on to anymore. Also, those who are dark energy were grabbing their ears in an attempt to close out the high pitching sound of our high vibration. For them it was very painful and they could not endure it. And, I saw The Light – each of us – and how it expanded infinitely. Then one at a time all our separated parts were pulled together and were pressed together in the very, very dense matter from which the big bang originated. When the line of ones of us who choose to become this dense one material again stopped I asked: “and now, are we strong enough, ready and willing to let go?” After a short while I saw like ‘two hands holding together and letting go of each other’. We are embodied ONE.

During the meditation I felt very present and I worked diligently and with ease. Every moment I knew what to do. After the meditation I felt a really quiet joy.

Yesterday night after we just went to bed I felt I was operated on in the center of my head. I saw a pair of hands doing its work. I really had to lay still on my back. It felt like a new thought pattern was placed inside of me. I sensed that since I went through everything that I was invited to up until now, I was ready to receive this ‘upgrade’.

I also experienced a lot of cramp in my legs during the first part of the night. Every time when they cramped up I just lay still and breathed until it stopped. The message I experienced was that ‘pain’ is something that no longer exists in our higher vibration. It is something 3D. The rest of the night the work I did during the Unity Meditation kept on being integrated. It will take some time to embody it. This morning I feel really nauseated, dizzy and weak again. This is happening for quite some weeks already. It feels that it originates in my head. I would say ‘it is something neurological’, not biological but more in the energetic sense.

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