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February 2016

Goddess Speaks!


Goddess speaks - I Am Goddess and I am not to be denied anymore! For quite some time now I have been telling you over and over again that you are Goddess and that you want to fully experience yourself in your day to day life. That you want to truly live, to melt together [...]

Goddess Speaks! 2016-02-25T16:55:11+00:00

December 2015

The Next Leap


The Next Leap – December 11th 2015 Calyxes Ascension Journal The topic of this Ascension Journal is: The Next Leap. The leap we are talking about in this video is the one you have to take somewhere at the end of your ‘becoming whole period’. When you are - almost - whole or whole enough, there [...]

The Next Leap 2015-12-24T16:44:14+00:00

Sheldan Nidle Update for Dec. 8, 2015


Sheldan Nidle Update for december 8, 2015 4 Ik, 5 Yaxk’in, 12 Manik Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) An operation which is to give you a new world is now finishing. For millennia your surface reality has been limited in its perceptions by core lies and unbelievable deceptions. You are at least at the [...]

Sheldan Nidle Update for Dec. 8, 2015 2015-12-09T18:07:37+00:00

November 2015

Empowering Guide


My pioneer and wayshower book De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings has been published in Dutch in january 2015. It's listed on Prosperity Projects under 'Our Road Home' for realising translation and publishing in English. Now, november the 22nd 2015, I feel that the time is really near or even has arrived that people - [...]

Empowering Guide 2015-12-07T16:21:07+00:00

October 2015



This Ascension Journal is about Illuminate. If there is ever a time where it is crucial to shed light on situations and on what is going on inside of you, than it is NOW! There is no more room for keeping situations or yourself covered. You have to speak up and say: ‘This is what [...]

Illuminate 2015-12-07T16:26:06+00:00

August 2015

Curiosity Killed The Cat


This Ascension Journal is about the expression Curiosity Killed The Cat. All what is happening in your inner world and in the world around you invites you to be curious. To be open hearted and boldly investigate whatever is presented to you and experienced by you. To do your own truth seeking means that you [...]

Curiosity Killed The Cat 2015-12-07T16:29:53+00:00
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