In this short article I want to talk about The Event because in the past few days an interesting video has shown up. On our website and other social media channels we spoke a lot about Ascension and The Event. Since long there is much to read about The Event in all kinds of – often alternative – media.

My Contribution

Many people – including readers of this article – still have no contact or notion of The Event. It is my contribution in service to others to inform people about my insights, embodied consciousness and events that I have experienced and experience Now in my life. It is my Divine Task to bring awareness about what is going on in the world. No matter what someone else thinks of it. In doing so, it gives people the opportunity to inform themselves and become more conscious. It also gives others the opportunity to prepare for what is to come. In my life, for many years now I have been connected with and prepared for events related to our Ascension. The leap in our consciousness to another, higher state of being and environment which Ascension is.

Revealing video

In this post, I add a video made by Allison Coe, an American Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner. With the permission of her clients, she gives information about sessions she guided about The Event. In this video she elaborates extensively at what her clients and other people on earth will experience before, during and after The Event. Because of Allison Coe’s disarming, enthusiastic and free manner of speaking, it’s so nice to see this video. The information she brings is very revealing, perhaps surprising, for people who have not had contact with this information before. The video lasts an hour. So take your time and enjoy! More information about The Event can be found on websites such as Prepare for Change and 2012Portal.

I have said it before; use your own discernment. Do not blindly accept what I or others say or write and use the information to get in touch with your own truth. Look for patterns in the information where you resonate with. It is also everyone’s free will and choice to inform yourself about anything.