I understand that there is a movement being put into action on Facebook in which women can write down #metoo when they have been sexually harassed, abused, etc, by men ‘to create awareness of how big this problem is’. To me, writing #metoo is stating the obvious. One way or the other EVERY WOMAN on earth has experienced this during her lifetime. Only writing down #metoo also won’t REALLY change the way men have treated us and how we have let us be treated by them. We women ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING to realize the change we deeply desire. Instead of asking attention for what has happened to us – putting energy in an itself endlessly repeating old timeline – we have to create a new timeline – A 5D – NEW EARTH – TIMELINE – and heal and (FIRE)POWER ourselves during this process.
Having said this, I am glad though, that one of my sisters started the #metoo action. I feel that it has opened something in which each of us women ACTUALLY do can make a change happen. Maybe my experience can be of use to you.


This past year, while An-Ra G Breider and I travelled through South America, we did our part in ACTUALLY realizing the Ascension and creating OUR NEW EARTH. Our Ascensionwork in service to all, took place through our own bodies and relationship. We worked through EVERYTHING that is illusion and we healed THÉ male and THÉ female ego. That where men and women are not whole. We experienced that it is from our deepest wounded-ness that we have been (sexual) perpetrators and have allowed ourselves to be victims.


Every time I encountered THÉ male ego during this year, I courageously had to fully receive and become my FIREPOWER. Which is LIFE-ITSELF or God. I had to forcefully say ‘NO’ to THÉ male ego, tell him that he hurt me, that he time and again destroyed our amazing experiences – took the life out of them – and that that was no longer acceptable to me. Ánd, I had to turn around and walk away from THÉ male ego again and again and again.
In doing so I gave THÉ male ego the chance to choose for himself ánd in his own time, whether he wanted to keep being separated, angry, hurt, afraid, alone and to stay being a perpetrator. Or have the tremendous courage to follow his deepest desire to BE ONE WITH ME – THE DIVINE FEMININE -, to actually come to me, go through his deepest pain together with me and become whole again – CONSCIOUS GOD.
By going through this process, I STEPPED OUT OF the programming and behavior of countless generations of women everywhere and healed THÉ female ego in doing so. Since I was “the first woman” who went through this liberation process, I became isolated from all other women and from all men as well, I became vulnerable, naked and completely visible. Ánd more POWERFUL than ever. I became GODDESS ALIVE, that what I AM meant to BE.


During our one year Journey I had a vision: ‘I am standing alone on a huge stage on Times Square, New York, and I already went through the above mentioned process. In front of me, as far as I can see are standing women with their backs toward me. They are looking up at the television screen – at the pedestal – on the middle building that divides the street. They are looking up at THÉ male ego – the wounded man who has been hurting her, her mothers, her daughters over and over and over again for such a long, long time.
I know that each of their deepest desire is to finally walk away from him, to walk away from being a victim, to walk away from the pedestal they put and kept him on, to walk away from hiding behind him AND START LIVING THEIR OWN LIVES – become GODDESS ALIVE.
I also have contact with their fear to ACTUALLY do this. Fear that also has caused to continually betray and backstab their own sisters.
To fulfill their Divine desire, they only have to turn around and face ME – face their GODDESS SELF. With that movement they ACTUALLY start following the road I already took. When I look at all the women of earth, I see that only a few of them have the courage TO DO so.’


Now, I am still standing in silence on this Times Square stage. I am curious to what will happen. Will my sisters passively continue a timeline that is very well known to each of us and that contains sexual harassment, abuse, etc. Or, will they find the courage within themselves to also ‘turn around and face ME’ and ACTUALLY start creating a NEW EARTH TIMELINE where men and women are ONE. NOW, what will you DO?


Men and women are ALL deeply hurt. Ánd we both have the deepest desire to experience that we ARE INFINITE ONE. It is my experience that when a man acts from his Male ego – from his wounded-ness – he has no contact with his DIVINE SELF. He hurts women because he is too afraid to feel whatever it is he is feeling. Apparently it is up to us women to make him aware of this. To powerfully share our Consciousness and – most importantly – LIVE OUR OWN LIVES. When men do not want to or dare to go through their healing process and – as a result – keep hurting women, we women HAVE TO WALK AWAY. When their BEHAVIOR shows us time and again that they really want to do their part in the process though, we women have to be patiënt with them. Thus, men and women finally will BE ONE and create and experience OUR NEW EARTH.

Extensive information about male and female ego: ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’; author: SARA Minken.