Time To Act – December 11th 2015 Calyxes Ascension Journal

The topic of this Ascension Journal is: Time To Act. With ‘Time To Act’ we mean that it is time to liberate and express your Self. That it is time to actively take two successive steps.

In the first step you withdraw your consent from every person and every system – like family-, political-, work-, religious- and other power- and money- system – that holds you back and puts you down. That has been keeping you enslaved.
You withdraw your consent from them by speaking out loud your deepest longing – what your Self want and doesn’t want – regardless how they might react and what the consequences will be. In doing so you take back your energy as well as your responsibility. It returns where it has always belonged: in You.

In the second step in ‘Time To Act’ you go into the experience of your Self. You start to express the Love and Light you truly are by doing your Divine Task for the greatest good. This asks from you that you let yourself be completely guided by Goddess.

‘Acting’ opens you up. It makes you completely visible and exposed. Although this can feel really frightening and uncomfortable, it is exactly where you have to be. Only in this state of being you can freely express your Self. Can She freely flow through your body and illuminate the world.
If you want to liberate and express your Self and become co-creator of our New Earth, it is Time To Act.

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The Dutch boek ‘De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ written by Sara and The Spirits of Love and Light can guide you through the Ascensionprocess to Our New Earth. Can help you to become strong enough so that you can and will start acting from your inner Self.
To realize translation, publication and spreading around the world it is listed on Prosperity Projects under ‘Our Road Home’

About us
We are Gerrit and Sara from Shamanic Practice Calyxes in Deventer, The Netherlands. In the ‘Calyxes Ascension Journals’ we share our own (physical) experiences in this Ascension period of us and the Earth to a 5d planet, we interpret what is happening to each of us and give information about the bigger picture.
Our Ascension Journals help you to understand what in this time frame is happening in and to you and the world. Beyond the fact that this gives support and peace, it also gives you the opportunity to freewillingly go your own Road and be co-creator of Our New Earth.
If you need strength and guidance in this – Ascension – process you can find it in our Practice. For those of you who live outside The Netherlands we can work with you at a distance using facetime or skype. When it is the desire of your Self and you are ready for it, we can guide you over the bridge into the 5th dimension. Doing this around the world is our Divine Task.

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Love and Light, Gerrit en Sara
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