We are ready!

We are ready!

We – Sara and Gerrit – are ready!

Everything is arranged for a year long journey into the New. We are ready for entering new territories in our existence in every moment of Now. Leaving old realities. Nothing is stopping us from what we have to do. Which is fully embrasing the experience of Life itself. Each of us is on soul level connected to Consciousness of The Grand Completion. In March 2016 we personally experienced this with in OurSelves. Yesterday on 9-9-9 the calendar showed us that we are experiencing the moment of Completion. Right now so much energysupport is coming in. And more is coming.


We are collectively moving from the old bubble of reality into a complete New One. The old bubble burst in front of our eyes for ever gone. That’s what this completion means; the transit of different realities. All our tasks in the old are fulfilled. We are ready for the New. Now the New Earth has to be created by each of us. No one excluded! Connect and listen to the whispering from your heart what your contribution is about. Listen carefully and resiliant. Don’t stop listening. For everyone; do what you have to do. Act! Do! Step out of the old you into the New You! Don’t wait for anyone (everyone has his own pace and timeline). Be the change yourselve. Say fully YES to the expression of Live within. It is so beautiful. You are so much Love and Light. Express it, not for me asking to do so. Do it for yourself.

Into the New

The 2nd of October is arriving fast. Then we will fly to Santiago de Chile to start our Calyxes World Ascension Journey. Entering new space 🙂. For us the whole preparation process had to take place on all levels of our existance. True release is an intense process of detaching. Nothing was excluded. No concessions to make. Only the core of us is capable of entering and passing the eye of a needle. Leaving everything behind. With a very big smile we step into the next. You can support our journey and donate.

For more information see https://fundrazr.com/calyxesworldascensionjourney…


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