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Pioneer and Wayshower

We are pioneer and wayshower in the Ascension and the creation of Our New Earth. Everything we (don’t) do, is in service to the greatest whole. By moving in and through us as human, through our man~woman relationship and the entire 3D illusion earth, we ourselves went the comprehensive Ascension Road at its deepest. We received back our FirePower by continuously saying ‘Full Yes!’ to everything Life presented to us. What presented itself in us, in order to fully come into contact again with That What We Truly Are. Our Infinite Consciousness LIVES and what is destined in us, is freely manifested. NOW we experience where you – human – also can move to: our EMBODIED INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS – BEING ONE.

Stairway to Heaven

Already for a long time we incessantly live by example what you yourself actually must do and let (go), to be able to Ascend and BE co-creator of Our New Earth. And to also experience for yourself that you ARE THE INFINITE NOTHING – ALL. While we have become Embodied during our Ascension Road, The Infinite Consciousness has turned into a Stairway to Heaven. We have become a “staircase” which you can use to climb up in, thus Ascending as “easily and fast” as possible. Where previously everyone had to Ascend by oneself and alone, you NOW may do this in interaction and connection with others and also use the by pioneers prepared Road.

We ARE Here

We are fully in service to you and your deepest desire to heal and BE ONE again – to Ascend and co-create Our New Earth. And in the end we are in service to you when you – simultaneously with your Body and the Earth – as a whole want to make the leap to Our New Earth – 5D. It is up to you to make the choice whether you want to come to us and use us and what we can mean for you.

We ARE Here


You are so very welkom here! We - AN-RA and SARA - are passionate, curious and persevering explorers. Gradually we have said goodbye to the extremely harsh and painful illusionary place we all have spent time in far too long - our known Earth [...]

Embodied LoveLight Language

Embodied LoveLight Language Understand by following your deepest desire to connect and BE ONE Now, I AM living on another planet - on Our New Earth. During the very long, intense Ascension Journey to arrive here in 5D, a new [...]

The #MeToo Action

THE #METOO ACTION I understand that there is a movement being put into action on Facebook in which women can write down #metoo when they have been sexually harassed, abused, etc, by men ‘to create awareness of how big this problem is’. To me, writing [...]



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Our Ascension House runs on gifts and donations.

The donation principle we apply in our CALYXES Ascension House, means that voluntary donations from previous visitors of our Ascension House make it possible that those who come after them can use of what our Ascension House offers without having to make a contribution. And that these later visitors subsequently make it with their voluntary donation possible that those who come after them receive the same.

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Our Road Home

This by SARA written Dutch Ascension Book is an empowering, healing guideline during your own Ascension Road. It offers embodied profound information about everything you encounter in the course of your Ascension process and where you have to move through in order to be able to actually Ascend yourself. ’De Weg door De Kelken, Teachings’ shows how you through your Body can arrive Home. How we as a whole become ONE again.

Under the name CALYXES we – AN-RA and SARA – do our Ascension and New Earth work. Calyxes is not officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Under the flag of CALYXES we are currently doing the following activities:
  • Our worldwide Ascension- and New Earth work
  • Ascension Healing Sessions for individuals and partners
  • The Ascensionhouse